Forest Master DuocuT Hydraulic Log Splitter

Forest Master DuocuT Hydraulic Log Splitter

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Newly designed, the innovative Forest Master DuocuT 10 ton manual hydraulic log splitter uses opposing blades to split the log from opposite ends.  This makes the splitting more efficient and also ensures that, if a knot is encountered by one blade, the other will continue to split.  One blade can be positioned for different log lengths and the other is driven by a hydraulic dual action jack. For a rapid lift of 20mm per stroke use both pedals together; the right pedal provides the full 10 ton of force.

The DuocuT can be used either vertically or horizontally.  Hand levers are included for horizontal use.


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RRP: £239.00

OUR PRICE:£189.00

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OUT OF STOCK until February 2015

Ram Force
: 10 ton
Maximum Log Length : 450mm
Maximum Log Diameter
: 300mm
Dimensions (vertical operation)
: Height 875mm
  : Width 300mm
  : Length 500mm
Weight : 29.75kg
   Efficient dual cut operation
Works both vertically and horizontally



Forest Master is a UK-based supplier of a range of low cost, high quality log splitters and log holders.  Whether you are looking for a manual log splitter, electric log splitter or trailer-mounted log splitter suitable for home, estate or forestry use, Forest Master has the model to meet your needs.

Very Good Tool
rate rate rate rate rate

I agonised for ages about getting one of these or an electric powered one, and am glad I got this! No added costs for power, and some exercise for me. Stringy wood is a bit awkward, I have to pull the pieces apart, but not a problem. To split shorter wood I simply put a large bolt through the holes above the top wedge. Great piece of kit; recommended.


Excellent splitter
rate rate rate rate rate

After sorting out a faulty hydraulic, which was sorted billiantly by The Green Reaper. A* for service. Been splitting wood all summer with this splitter, well OK the wife has - all 5ft nothing of her! We will agree with another comment about having a couple more holes in for smaller logs (all our logs are 8/9 ins). If you are thinking of buying one - Do It you won't regret it.


Excellent splitter but with a weak point
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I am very pleased with the easy and effective operation of this splitter; slow but environmentally friendly and great for someone with a bad back who can no longer wield an axe! It appears sturdily made but is spoilt by one weak construction point - the springs in the upper blade locking pins are unnecessarily firm, requiring a lot of force to move the pins. This is exacerbated by the pull-rings being little more than cheap wire keyrings, not at all strong enough for the job, with the predictable result that one of them soon pulled out of the pin and left me with the rather difficult job of retrieving the spring-loaded pin from its socket. I have now replaced the pullers with much sturdier steel rings plus nylon straps to aid pulling and this is much better. I would advise others to do similar before first using the machine.

F Ansell

Excellent machine & great service
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An excellent machine to use after swinging an axe for years! Even split some seasoned hardwood logs, though more usually used on fresh cut timber. Great customer service from The Green Reaper as well. Very pleased.

P Robinson, Lancashire

Brilliant machine
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The DuoCut is an excellent log-splitter, easy to use and capable of splitting hard timber as well as soft. It cannot split logs with a warped grain. One improvement could be made: there should be more holes on the upright shaft for locking the upper splitting blade - I suggest at least another two holes at the bottom so that the blade can be locked in at a lower position.

Paul Hyde

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