Battery Chargers & Optimisers

Anyone who owns a machine with electric start, particulary if it is used infrequently, knows it is imperative to maintain the battery. This can be achieved by using a battery charger or, more importantly, an automatic battery optimiser. A battery optimiser is totally safe for months-long connection and maintenance of irregularly or seasonally used batteries, even while connected to the machine. The sophisticated charging algorithm ensures no risk of over-charging. Dependent upon the size of battery, TecMate has a battery charger to suit all needs. The OptiMate 4 is ideally suited to motorbikes, scooters, jet skis, quad bikes and lawn tractors. For higher charge-out rates and 6V batteries, the AccuMate provides the solution for cars, caravans, motor homes and boats. Larger commercial batteries can be maintained using an AccuMate Pro 24V.

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TecMate; the world leader in diagnostic desulphating chargers and testers for 12V lead acid batteries (STD/AGM/MFGEL)

TecMate Battery Chargers


Leads to suit every application and compatible with the OptiMate and AccuMate range of battery chargers

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