Brush Cutters & Grass Strimmers

Chosen for their ability to cope with particularly dense vegetation, our range of top quality grass strimmers and brush cutters are ideal for amateur gardeners and commercial contractors alike. Sourced from leading manufacturers like Kawasaki and Echo, these machines have the torque needed to cope with heavy-duty work, and are also lightweight enough to wield for long periods of time - an essential characteristic if you have a lot of ground to clear. With best-selling brands, such as Mitox and Cobra, The Green Reaper has got it covered.

If you’re looking to clear large overgrown areas, you’ll probably want to take a look at our brush cutters. These powerful pieces of equipment are designed to cope with everything from persistent bramble patches to small bushes, and will make short work of even the densest vegetation. You might also be interested in an all terrain field and brush mower, ideal for clearing paddocks or sloping ground, or forging trails wherever dense brush and weeds present a clean up challenge.

If you’re looking for a more lightweight solution, we also have a variety of strimmers, all of which are ideally suited to tidying up the areas your mower won’t reach, and finishing off lawns to a professional standard. Many of the larger petrol strimmers can also be used for some light clearance work, and will cope with thick weed patches. For more information, please select from one of the options below, or call us on 0800 014 8700.

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We have plenty of powerful brush cutters to choose from, including petrol and electric models that are designed to cope with dense overgrowth.

Brush Cutters


Quality line trimmers and grass strimmers can be used to tackle light vegetation and add the finishing touches to your lawn.

Grass Trimmers


Whip overgrown gardens into shape with wheeled trimmer mowers, an agile choice for weed-dense grass with lots of obstacles.

Wheeled Trimmer Mowers


Show stubborn terrain who’s boss by investing in one of our jungle-busters, perfect for dealing with weeds, grass, bushes and even saplings.

All Terrain Field & Brush Mowers


Combine our premium brush cutters and grass strimmers with the best lines, heads, blades and guards on the market.

Line, Heads, Blades & Guards

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