Brush Cutters

Brambles, thistles, weeds and even small bushes are no match for The Green Reaper’s selection of high-quality brush cutters, designed to clear away the toughest troublesome vegetation at prices that are hard to beat.

All of the products available have been sourced from leading manufacturers, and the overwhelming majority come with long-term warranties that guarantee peace of mind. As you can see from the options below, we currently offer a range of petrol, electric and battery-powered brush cutters, as well as a few carefully-selected backpack brush cutters that are well suited to use for prolonged periods of time.  

A petrol brush cutter offers power and cordless portability. They can be run with a blade or nylon line and, despite being powerful, are surprisingly manoeuvrable, making them perfect for dealing with foliage and shrubbery on slopes or embankments. Our petrol brush cutters have been chosen for their ability to cope with dense foliage, and their unerring reliability.

Cordless models exchange some raw power (and torque) for reduced environmental impact and employ high performance batteries as a power source. With the added benefit of being quieter and without the restriction of power cables, they also eliminate the hassle of mixing two-stroke fuel, together with the effort of starting.

Want to know more? Click through into one of the following categories to see additional details about our range. Alternatively, If you have any questions about the brush cutters that we supply, please don’t hesitate to get in touch today.

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Our petrol brush cutters are the most powerful option, allowing you to deal with large areas of stubborn overgrowth with ease.

Petrol Brush Cutters


Our cordless, battery-powered brush cutters are ideal if you need ease of mobility but don’t want to deal with a petrol engine.

Cordless / Battery-Powered Brush Cutters


Keep your balance with a backpack brush cutter, ideal for large clearance projects that may require a bit of fancy footwork on sloping ground.

Backpack Brush Cutters

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