Pole Pruners - Pole Saws

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OUR PRICE: £89.99 (including VAT)
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OUR PRICE: £99.99 (including VAT)
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OUR PRICE: £579.00 (including VAT)

Reach Up High With Pole Pruners & Pole Saws

Gardeners, climb down from those precarious step ladders, and leave your chainsaw to one side! When working at height, you need the right tools for the job that will make it safe and easy to tackle those difficult-to-reach areas of the garden. Thankfully, The Green Reaper has already cherry-picked the best inventions out there, with our quality selection of pole pruners and pole saws.

These electric devices might as well be sent from above for gardeners who pray for a solution to their hedge- and tree-trimming woes. With a lightweight design and adjustable reach, you can overcome hurdles in your gardening routine, however high they may be. Many of our devices are cordless, which means their scope is as far as it is wide. For even more grunt, go for our glorious range of petrol options.

Whether you’ve got a hedge that has a mind of its own, or you’re finally looking to tackle the tree blocking your suntrap in the garden, you’re bound to find the perfect tool for the task at hand with our pole pruners and pole saws. Got a question about our products? Call 0800 014 8700 and we’d be happy to help.