Cultivators, Tillers & Rotavators

Make your plant beds thrive with petrol cultivators, tillers and rotavators, a time-saving solution for essential maintenance work. Let’s be honest – hoeing and forking really are at the bottom of the list for the average gardener’s favourite chores, so expel such backbreaking tasks forever.

Dig furrows a million times more easily with our tiller models, specially designed to glide over plots with pristine balance and pressure-focus. Large tillers are great for similarly-sized planting projects, and their miniature cousins will sort a garden plot out in no time at all.

Our cultivators, also, are easy to move whilst you’re working. Getting rid of weeds and debris has never been less of a hassle; we think you’ll fall in love with how they’ll improve the quality of your plant beds. Since they’re powered, our petrol cultivators, tillers and rotavators will plough over any rough terrain in front of them, so browse our full collection for a model that suits you!

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Compact and lightweight, a petrol-powered cultivator with front tines is ideal for turning soil and making furrows for planting in a vegetable plot or small allotment.

Front Tine Cultivators


Ground-breaking rear tine rotavators with powerful engines and heavy duty gearboxes enable virgin soil to be broken up to greater depths and on a larger scale.

Rear Tine Rotavators


Electric mini tillers offer fantastic value for money, ideal for cultivating borders, beds, and vegetable gardens and also digging up weeds.

Electric Mini Tillers


Cultivate your garden the greener way with a cordless, battery-powered tiller.

Cordless Cultivators & Tillers


A selection of useful attachments compatible with our range of cultivators, rotovators and tillers.

Cultivator Attachments

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