Rear Tine Rotavators

RRP: £899.00
OUR PRICE: From: £1,038.00 To: £3,063.00 (including VAT)
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OUR PRICE: £1,229.00 (including VAT)
BT 400
OUR PRICE: £1,299.00 (including VAT)
RRP: £1,699.00
OUR PRICE: £1,385.00 (including VAT)
RRP: £1,799.00
OUR PRICE: £1,499.00 (including VAT)

Nourish Your Routine With Rear Tine Cultivators

Frost crusts and wet clumps of soil will never get in the way of a healthy sowing schedule again, thanks to The Green Reaper’s rear tine cultivators. Control is the essence of seeing your plants to fruition, and our cultivating tools have the range to work easily on any type of planting project.

These machines turn to your exact movements, wheeling over level and raised ground with the same knack for consistent land maintenance. Multi-transmission and gear capabilities set each cultivator on the right path, adapting them to difficult terrain. Our rear tine designs can effortlessly transform a stubborn patch of grass into a workable plot, with intelligent rotary blade functions and adjustable heights available.

All of their controls have been designed to work for experienced and aspiring gardeners alike. Vibrant-resistant handlebars slip into your palm and stay there, directing where the next patch of soil will be seen to. With our rear tine cultivators, no seeding task will be a hardship again, so check out our full selection.