E-Tech Tyre Sealant "Prevents Punctures" - 3.8 litre with Pump Applicator
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E-Tech Concentrated Tyre Sealant is an advanced product which, once injected into the tubed or tubeless tyre, seals punctures as the occur, thus eliminating tyre deflation. E-Tech is a preventative tyre sealant that prevents flat tyres. It will seal holes in the contact tread area caused by puncturing objects with a diameter of up to 7mm in off road situations, affecting a permanent seal instantaneously without loss of air.

How To Apply E-Tech

Apply E-Tech immediately to ensure the savings and safeguards that E-Tech provides. The cost of E-Tech is repaid after just ONE puncture has been sealed. E-Tech takes only minutes to apply.

1. Simply ensure the tyre valve is in the 4 o'clock or 8 o'clock position.

2. Screw the pump with plastic applicator tube onto the top of the can. Remove the valve core with the valve core remover from the tyre. Allow the tyre to deflate fully.

3. Fit the end of the filling tube into the valve stem. Press the pump down gently and slowly to ensure E-Tech flows smoothly into the valve stem. Apply the recommended dose of E-Tech.

4. Clear the valve stem of any E-Tech residue with the air line. Refit the valve core to the valve stem and tighten with the valve remover tool. Re-inflate the tyre to the correct pressure.

Product specification

Weight: 4kg

E-Tech is suitable for construction, tractors and agricultural vehicles, trailers, wheel barrows, all terrain vehicles (ATVs), ride-on lawn mowers, golf carts, off road 4WDs and caravans, wheelchairs and mobility.

E-Tech is an important safety aid and should be applied to a tyre BEFORE a puncture occurs. It does not provide protection from sidewall damage.

E-Tech has been designed and engineered by the E-Tech research in conjunction with a leading European Rubber Technology and Research Institution. E-Tech treated tyres have been rigorously tested on a variety of vehicles in different environments.

The tyre sealant product number for E-Tech awarded by S.E.A.T.O. is the required standard for military organisations (M80Z-8030-66-103-8877).

E-Tech has been tested by MRPRA and used by major heavy vehicle manufacturers.

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