Echo SRM-420TESU High Torque Petrol Brush Cutter
Echo SRM-420TESU High Torque Petrol Brush Cutter Echo SRM-420TESU High Torque Petrol Brush Cutter Echo SRM-420TESU High Torque Petrol Brush Cutter Echo SRM-420TESU High Torque Petrol Brush Cutter
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Built for professionals and driven by a Japanese 41.5cc engine, the Echo SRM-420TESU high torque brush cutter weighs just 8.7kg, has semi-automatic decompression for easy starting and features a cowhorn handlebar.

Echo Easy Start SystemThe Echo Easy Start system is a culmination of years of unique and innovative developments.  It works to minimise the effort required to start the engine with greatly reduced pulling power and vastly reduced kick back effect.  In most cases the effort required to pull the starter is reduced by up to 50 per cent compared to standard models.

The brush cutter generates outstanding levels of torque, which means one thing - greater cutting power!  With a 1:2.07 gear reduction ratio, the cutting head spins at one-and-a-quarter times per engine cycle.  The increase in cutting torque enables the use of a 51cm cutting swathe, which increases work rate by 17 per cent. The new 'Tap and Go' twin nylon line head is bigger than the conventional head, maximising line storage.

The Echo SRM-420ESU features an anti-vibration system which includes plastic casing and rubber cushions inside. These are soft enough to reduce vibration without effecting manoeuvrability.

A professional, heavy-duty, two-stage air filter provides geater durability and filtration than a standard filter. The cooling air intake is at the rear of the machine, which reduces the amount of debris being sucked in and, as a result, the time required for daily maintenance. In addition, the process works more effectively to cool the engine.

Echo power tools come with a two year warranty in professional use, and five years for domestic use (subject to product registration and servicing).

Product specification

Brand: Echo
Engine Type: 2-stroke
Displacement: 41.5cc
Rated Power Output: 1.78kW / 2.24ps
Start Method: Easy start recoil system
Ignition System: CDI
Carburetor: Diaphragm
Gear Reduction Ratio: 2.08
Fuel Tank Capacity: 0.79L
Fuel Consumption: 1.05l/h
Brush Cutter Blade: Blade capable, not included
Nylon Line Head: Dual nylon line cutting head
Shaft Type: Straight, solid
Shaft Diameter: 28mm
Drive Shaft Diameter: 8mm
Handle Type: Cowhorn
Harness: Included
Dimensions: Length w/o cutting head: 1884mm
Dry Weight: 8.7kg
Warranty: 5 year consumer, 3 year professional
  • Powerful two-stroke 41.5cc Echo engine
  • Stage 2 low emissions compliant for reduced exhaust emissions
  • Easy Start system for quick, effortless starting
  • High torque head for increased cutting power from a smaller engine
  • 'U' handle design
  • 'Tap and Go' system releases more line with a single tap
  • Super anti-vibration system for comfortable operation for extended periods, ideally suited to large contractors and local authorities
  • Tough magnesium crankcase
  • Air intake at rear of machine provides effective engine cooling method and reduces daily maintenance as less debris is sucked in
  • Heavy duty, two-stage air filter provides both durability and easy maintenance
  • Lower weight enhances user comfort without compromising performance
  • Quick hook-up/release harness speeds up the work process and allows operators to detatch themselves fro the machine quickly should the need arise


Echo works as hard as you do

In the UK, ECHO products are distributed by Countax Limited, manufacturers of Britain's best selling range of garden tractors. The ECHO range of outdoor power tools and ECHO Bear Cat products, are sold through Countax Limited by a nationwide network of specialist dealers.

ECHO power tools have an outstanding reputation for its superb quality, reliability and durability, selling in over 80 countries through more than 16,000 ECHO dealers.

ECHO Bear Cat was sold to ECHO Inc in 2006 and is one of the leaders in the USA for commercial chippers. Renowned for product durability and versatility, ECHO Bear Cat has one of the broadest line of chippers/shredders in the market place. ECHO Bear Cat products include EZ TrimMowers, Stump Grinders, Bear Vac Lawn Vacuums, Chipper Shredders (upright, towable and PTO models) and larger Chippers.


ECHO products come equipped with a range of unique product features designed to deliver ease and comfort for users.

ECHO is successful in producing low vibration and low noise for power tools and are leaders in two-stroke power tool emission technology. ECHO Bear Cat products come with a host of features and are renowned for their unmatched performance and quality construction.

Leading in two-stroke power tool emission technology
ECHO has the widest variety of emission compliant engines ever certified for EPA, CARB regulations and EU directives. ECHO has condensed the years of development in the USA into the trademarked Power Boost Tornado technology, with a highly refined two-stroke engine design. This technology is now applied across the ECHO Power Tool range, with engines delivering more power, higher fuel efficiency and better engine lubrication, while improving combustion and reducing exhaust emissions.

Low Vibration
ECHO has taken up the challenge and is successfully producing measures for maximum control of vibration. ECHO products are designed and manufactured for constant and lengthy use by professional users, with homeowners/domestic users also able to enjoy the benefits of commercial quality and features. Under independent tests, ECHO brush cutters and ECHO hedge cutters have produced the lowest vibration figures. ECHO is one of very few manufacturers who make its own engines, therefore every ECHO product is designed and tested as a completed package. This ensures high quality, ergonomically designed equipment, with maximum vibration controls.

Low Noise
With power tool equipment in use in public and residential areas, noise is of primary concern, ECHO has developed the technology to control and minimise noise pollution. ECHO designs and manufactures engines from scratch, matching low noise engines to low vibration products, by retaining complete manufacturing control.

ECHO Innovation - i-start
The i-start device makes first time starting of two-stroke engines a certainty, while removing 90% of the effort required. i-start stores the energy of one long and gentle pull, or two short pulls of the recoil starter and delivers it in a dynamic burst that starts the engine every time.

ECHO Innovation - Easy Start
Denoted by the ES symbol on the power tool, Easy Start works in a different way to i-start to minimise the effort required to start the engine. With Easy Start the pulling power needed on the starter rope is greatly reduced compared to other makes, with no kick-back effect when cranking.

Echo power tools come with a five year domestic warranty and two year warranty for professional use.  For the domestic user there is the total reassurance of using equipment designed and built for professionals, and a five year warranty offers even greater peace of mind.  Registration of Echo products and servicing are necessary to validate the warranty.

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