Echo Blowers

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Echo Power Blowers

Echo's impressive line up of power leaf blowers are at the leading edge of blower technology and will make quick work of any property clean up and are designed in both hand-held and packpack configurations. Excellent engineering, design and precision manufacturing ensure that they are easy and confortable to use when blowing leaves and debris. Superior and operator-friendly features include premium grade engines, padded backrests and shoulder straps, Posi-Loc™ tubes for secure pipe connections and comfortable handles with cruise control.

The most certified low noise blowers available, an Echo blower will perform perfectly in noise-sensitive environments. Whilst some manufacturers only publish the speed (MPH) at which their blowers blow and not necessarily how much air they move (CFM), be sure to check for both values. Thanks to the combination of high speed and high volume air output, Echo leaf blowers feature both the ability to move debris and keep it moving!