Efco MT 3500 S Low Emission Petrol Chainsaw 35cc/14"
Efco MT 3500 S Low Emission Petrol Chainsaw 35cc/14" Efco MT 3500 S Low Emission Petrol Chainsaw 35cc/14"
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Designed for home owner use, the Efco MT 3500 S petrol chainsaw is practical and easy to use thanks to a series of features which make it extremely easy to start, operate and maintain.

Powered by a 2hp / 35cc two stroke engine, the MT 3500 S features Efco's advanced Burn Right engine technology which produces lower emissions, lower fuel consumption and low noise levels. The primer device, positioned in full view on the engine cover, facilitates trouble-free starting from cold, after refuelling or following lengthy idle periods.  The on-off switch and choke are incorporated in a single multi-function lever to guarantee practical and simple operation.  Transparent tanks provide immediate and continuous display of oil and fuel/air mixture levels, whilst automatic chain oiling keeps both the bar and chain well lubricated for maximum performance.

Maintenance of this petrol chainsaw is facilitated by the filter cover being built into the engine cowling which can be checked and serviced simply be removing the three fixing screws. In addition, the sponge air filter is simple and quick to clean, ensuring longer running time between maintenance stops.

The Efco MT 3500 S also features an anti-vibration system using three spring dampeners and three rubber stops which isolates the engine from the body of the chainsaw and significantly cuts down on engine vibration.  Optimum operator comfort is provided by the new design of the starter handle and ergonomically designed chain brake lever.  Efco's innovative 'Ice Device' technology assists operation in sub-zero conditions.

Even less expert users will enjoy quick and safe starting aided by the illustrated step-by-step instructions on the body of the chainsaw.

Product specification

Brand: Efco
Engine: Emak
Engine Type: 2-stroke with Burn Right engine technology
Displacement: 35cc
Power: 1.5kW
Horsepower: 2.0hp
Start Method: Recoil
Fuel Tank Capacity: 0.36L
Idle Speed: 3000rpm
Guide Bar Length: 35cm / 14" (sprocket nose)
Chain Pitch: 3/8"
Chain Gauge: .050"
Chain Speed: 17.2m/s
Automatic Chain Lubrication: Yes
Oil Pump: Automatic/zero flow rate at idle speed
Oil Tank Capacity: 0.26L
Vibration Level: Lh: 6.0m/s² / Rh: 46.7m/s²
Sound and Noise Data: Sound pressure: 99.6dB(A)
Power level: 110.4dB(A)
Weight excluding Bar & Chain: 4.6kg
Warranty: 3 years
  • The illustrated step-by-step start-up instructions on the machine body ensure quick and safe starting, even for less expert users
  • Primer device, positioned in full view on the engine cover, facilitates starting from cold, after refuelling or following lengthy idle periods
  • On-Off switch and choke incorporated in a single multi-function lever: guarantees practical and simple operation
  • Transparent tanks for immediate and continuous display of oil and fuel/air mixture levels
  • Anti-vibration system using three spring dampers and three rubber stops: significantly isolates the operator from engine vibration, for greater comfort during use
  • The new design of the starter handle makes starting the machine more comfortable
  • Filter cover built into the engine cowling: can be checked or serviced simply by removing the three fixing screws
  • The sponge air filter is simple and quick to clean, ensuring more hours of running time between maintenance stops
  • Carburettor bracket with four anti-vibration mounts: ensures stable fuel burn under all operating conditions, and longer carburetor life
  • Incorporating on-board clutch with drum and brake belt integrated in the crankcase: prevents foreign matter from getting between the centrifugal weights, ensuring consistently perfect operation and facilitating removal of the chain guard
  • Automatic constant flow rate oil pump: cuts in only when the chain is moving. This means no troublesome oil leaks when the tool is not cutting



Clean Engine

Today product development also means a commitment to low emission engines, in other words, to the manufacture of machines with less and less impact on the environment. Living and working in touch with nature means protecting the environment, first and foremost.

Accordingly, Emak has taken on this responsibility and come up with a series of technological solutions - identified by the Burn Right brand. The logo stands for power products designed, compatibly with their rated performance, to guarantee a significant reduction in potentially harmful emissions, as well as much improved fuel consumption and lower noise levels.

According to the product application, Emak adopts the best and very latest technologies, with a single aim: to guarantee maximum performance with minimal environmental impact, every time. Burn Right technology solutions are already in compliance with US EPA II final step (CARB II), as well as with new European standards that will be coming in from 2008 onwards.

Lower emissions
Reduction of up to 80% in harmful exhaust emissions compared to a standard 2-stroke engine, for more effective environmental protection.

Lower fuel consumption
Reduction of up to 40% in fuel consumption compared to a standard 2-stroke engine, for improved operating economy and longer intervals between refuelling stops.

Low noise
Lower sound power density, for more acceptable noise levels and greater operator comfort. Click HERE to view DELIVERY INFORMATION


Efco manufactures a complete range of high performance garden machinery to meet every need. A technological heartbeat generated at Bagnolo in Piano in the Po Valley and pulsating across five continents, Efco, a brand of Emak Group, takes Italian manufacturing excellence into gardens and woodland around the world.

Lawn mowers, garden tractors, ride-on lawn mowers, brush cutters, hedge cutters, chainsaws, blowers and more ... all backed by a nationwide network of Efco specialist dealers.

Efco's programme of new product development has resulted in a truly comprehensive, constantly updated range of machines to meet the needs of users at every level, from leisure gardeners to estate and park groundsmen.

Efco products are engineered to give up to three times longer life than many leading brands and at prices up to 30% less.

Efco guarantees its products for three years for domestic use, subject to the manufacturer's "recommended routine maintenance" programme.

Efco - Our Power, Your Passion

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