Backpack Sprayers

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A Strapping Choice Of Backpack Sprayers For Gardening Excellence

When you’re wandering about a garden area, assessing the status of your plants and flora, spraying duties can seem like an uphill hike if there’s a lot to do in a day. Take that burden off your shoulders by strapping one of our backpack sprayers on instead! You’ll be prepared for anything, especially with the added liquid storage afforded by these models over their smaller, hand-held brethren.

Store litres of chemicals at a time, removing the issue of going to the cupboard under the sink for a refill. Fully absorbed in your gardening, you’ll enjoy the soft hug of the strap material, which doesn’t restrict you from reaching all corners of the garden. You can crouch, stretch, and strafe between rows of plant-life, literally having a blast with a high-powered piston that allows even, thorough coverage.

With pumps that can handle all sorts of tough chemical and water-based solutions, the safety standards of these products are hard to beat. By investing in one of these knapsack sprayers from The Green Reaper, we promise you’ll never look, well, back!