Hand-Held & Shoulder Sprayers

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Hand-Held And Shoulder Sprayers To Boost Your Garden Upkeep

Planting can be tricky, but it’s not the end of the road for a gardener who wants the best results for the future. Weed killer, insecticides, fungal treatments: all of these make up the arsenal of a keen horticulturalist, which is why we’re proud to bring you hand-held and shoulder sprayers that’ll keep your crop in ship shape.

Whether you want to cover clusters with essential nutrients, or you’re looking for appropriate, commercial spraying solutions for a park or corporate grounds, we have the kit that’ll blast every target with the protection they deserve. Both hand-operated triggers and pressure sprayers are available, so you can choose the right level of force for the job ahead.

Flowerbeds, patios and crop areas of every shape and form fall into the line of sight for The Green Reaper’s choice spraying tools. Jetting out across several metres, these gadgets combine distance with precision. Call our friendly advisory team on 0800 014 8700 to discuss how our hand-held and shoulder sprayers can help you.