Portable Suitcase Generators

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OUR PRICE: £549.00 (including VAT)
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OUR PRICE: £569.00 (including VAT)

Power Small Appliances Anywhere with Our Range of Innovative Portable Generators

Portable or suitcase generators typically weigh about 25kg to 30kg - light enough to carry around short distances or take with you on camping, boating and caravanning trips.  They’re perfect for powering small appliances such as a TV, computer and lighting at any time, with an ample 2-3 kilowatts of power.

Featuring inverter technology, these digital generators deliver a true Sine wave, with no power spikes, surges or fluctuations of voltage, making them perfect for running highly sensitive electronic equipment such as computers and other electronically-controlled equipment while in the field.

The high-quality plastic moulded housing on these suitcase-style generators works to seal out much of the noise inherent in the 2-4 horsepower 4-stroke engines virtually all generators use. Many use special soundproofing layers to further decrease any potential noise pollution, making these ideal units for use where sound levels must be kept to a minimum.

Versatile enough to be a vital accessory, every home should consider owning a portable generator - they can come in handy during a power cut, as well as being the perfect outdoor companion.

The Green Reaper has selected a range of portable digital inverter generators from one of the world's largest manufacturers, Kipor. Kipor's generator range is designed to provide the highest quality inverter power and compact lightweight design for super portability, quiet operation and excellent fuel efficiency. Other quality brands include Briggs & Stratton, Gardencare and Loncin.

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