GTM Professional

RRP: £949.00
OUR PRICE: £835.00 (including VAT)
RRP: £2,299.00
OUR PRICE: £1,989.00 (including VAT)
RRP: £3,099.00
OUR PRICE: £2,663.00 (including VAT)

GTM Professional Wood Chippers for Gardeners and Professionals

GTM stands for Green Technology Machinery. "Green" not just points to the green sector of a garden or park, but also to the environmental and durable character of its products. 

GTM Professional's range of compact and powerful wood chippers are designed to offer a portable option to chipping branches and crops - perfect for tree care, landscaping, forestry and garden maintenance.

Efficient, effective and safe to operate due to their chipping system - a rotor with two blades, one counter blade and ejection through a large discharge chute. The system pulls branches up to 1cm thick into the machine, chips them and ejects clean cut wood chips time after time. The chipped material is ideal to use as mulch or compost.