Hayter Spirit 41 Push Electric Rear Roller Lawn Mower [Code 615J]
Hayter Spirit 41 Push Electric Rear Roller Lawn Mower [Code 615J] Hayter Spirit 41 Push Electric Rear Roller Lawn Mower [Code 615J] Hayter Spirit 41 Push Electric Rear Roller Lawn Mower [Code 615J] Hayter Spirit 41 Push Electric Rear Roller Lawn Mower [Code 615J] Hayter Spirit 41 Push Electric Rear Roller Lawn Mower [Code 615J] Hayter Spirit 41 Push Electric Rear Roller Lawn Mower [Code 615J] Hayter Spirit 41 Push Electric Rear Roller Lawn Mower [Code 615J]
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Compact and stylish, the Spirit 41 Electric is light weight, has great manoeuvrability leaving a neat cut and fine striped finish to any lawn. This machine benefits from a revolutionary lightweight aluminium skeleton chassis and tough high impact ABS polymer construction.

The Hayter Spirit 41 is powered by a 1500 watt ATB long life induction motor which provides a quiet and smooth performance. It has a 41cm cutting width with seven height of cut settings between 13mm and 65mm, controlled by a single counter-balanced lever for easy adjustment. In addition to classic stripes, the full width, ribbed rear roller gives improved performance when mowing lawn edges and around flower beds. 

Unique, high performance fins on the front of the deck have been designed along with the inner deck liner to help comb and hold the grass in the upright position before the grass is cut. This results in a 30% more efficient grass collection and improved quality of cut, at the same time reducing the risk of thrown objects. The fabric 55 litre grass bag can be lifted through the handlebars for easy emptying, and the mower can also be used as a rear-discharge machine with the grass bag removed.

Equipped with OPC, Hayter's comfortable full width Operator Presence Control, when released, stops the engine and cutter blade completely for added safett, Supplied with 17 metres of detachable mains electric cable, the handlebars fold within the length of the lawn mower to reduce storage space.

The Hayter Spirit 41 push electric rear roller lawn mower is ideally suited to small lawns up to half a tennis court in size and will achieve a striped, fine and informal finish.

Product specification

Brand: Hayter
Motor: 240V induction electric
Power Watts: 1500W
Start Method: Push button
Propulsion: Hand push
Recommended Lawn Area: Up to ½ tennish court
Cutter Deck: Aluminium/Polymer
Cutting System: Single metal rotary blade
Width of Cut: 41cm
Minimum Cutting Height: 13mm
Maximum Cutting Height: 65mm
Cutting Height Adjustment: Single lever, 7 positions
Collection System: Fabric grass bag
Collector Capacity: 55L
Rear Roller: Yes
Rear Roller: Ribbed, full width
Mulch Capable: No
Working Angle: 20º
Handle Type: 1 piece folding
Wheels: Rubber rimmed with ball race bearings
Weight: 29kg
Warranty: 3 years for consumer use
  • Unique strong aluminium and ABS polymer construction
  • All key mounting points are fixed to the aluminium chassis for added strength
  • Can be used without grassbag as a rear discharge mower
  • Quiet and smooth ATB electric motor
  • Front fins that noticeably improve the quality of cut and grass collection
  • Full width ribbed rear roller for a formal striped finish
  • Rubber rimmed wheels with ball race bearings for smooth operation and long life
  • Handlebars fold requiring less storage space
  • Tough high impact ABS polymer underdeck for improved collection and reduced noise
  • Seven height of cut settings between 13-65mm, controlled by a single counter-balanced lever for easy adjustment
  • Comfortable full width bail arm for added safety
  • Fabric grassbag can be lifted through the handlebars for easy emptying
  • OPC (Operator Presence Control) for safe operation
  • 17m detachable cable supplied
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The name of Hayter has been synonymous with British grass cutting since 1946. As a pioneer of the rotary lawn mower, the company has become a household name with both the serious gardener and professional user.

Many significant mowers have emanated from the site in Spellbrook, a hamlet between Harlow and Bishop's Stortford in Hertfordshire. Today Hayter manufactures a wide range of grass cutting equipment, satisfying the demands of loyal customers. The majority of Hayter products are still painted in traditional "British Racing Green" colours, making a Hayter mower instantly recognisable wherever you go. Many Hayter mowers are of the "rear roller" type, enabling you to achieve that very British thing - a beautifully striped lawn.

In Hayter, modern technology has not replaced traditional skills. Rather the two are combined in a powerful recipe where each compliments the other. Many of the processes may be computer-controlled but this does not supplement the skills of the practiced hand and critical eye, which act together to produce quality.

Quality is a way of life, and Hayter strives constantly to maintain and improve the standards upon which its reputation has been gained.

Hayter appreciates the loyalty of its customers and such loyalty gets a reciprocal commitment from the company. Supported by up to date product information and electronic systems, the network of dealers is capable of satisfying customer needs quickly, accurately and efficiently. Customer satisfaction is what the partnership of Hayter and dealer strives to attain.

Since 2005 Hayter has been owned by The Toro Company based in Minneapolis, USA. Toro is a leading global manufacturer of high quality grass cutting equipment for golf courses, landscape contractors and homeowners. Since acquiring Hayter, Toro has invested significant funds to further improve the existing manufacturing facility at Spellbrook.

Looking to the future, Hayter is well placed to build on its decades of success. At the root of this positive future will be Hayter's desire to continue its culture of being 'Makers of The Finest Mowers'.

Hayter - Makers Of The Finest Mowers

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