Kipor IG3000 Digital Generator with Inverter Technology and Detachable Wheels
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Kipor digital generators offer the smallest form of portable power compared with a traditional generator, saving about 50 per cent in dimension and weight. This compact and lightweight design allows true portability of power, no matter where it is needed.

This type of generator boasts quieter operation (between 3-9dB less than traditional generator sets) by incorporating a special two-tiered noise dampening system in the form of a cube-shaped soundproofing box surrounding the engine and an outer wall which absorbs any leaked noise.

High quality power output is achieved by a built-in pure sine wave inverter, which filters the initial power of the alternator to minimise wave distortion and voltage fluctuation. This results in the output being more refined, clean and smooth. The inverter delivers a true Sine wave, no power spikes, surges or fluctuations of voltage, making it suitable for highly sensitive electronic equipment such as computers and other electronically controlled equipment.

Designed to meet strict environmental standards, Kipor digital generators provide environmentally-friendly green power.

Enjoy long time running with low fuel consumption (20 - 40 per cent lower than a traditional generator set under normal usage). A load-dependent smart throttle system automatically maintains engine speed and power output at the most efficient level under all usage loads, resulting in reduced fuel consumption, noise and vibration. All Kipor Power generators offer an approximate continuous runtime based on their full rated output.

Product specification

Brand: Kipor
Rated Output Watts: 2240W
Output Voltage / Frequency: 230V / 50Hz
Output Rated kVA: 2.8kVA
Output Maximum kVA: 3.0kVA
Output Socket: 2 x 16A
Output Technology: Inverter
Running Time: 6 hours continuous operating hours without refuelling at rated load
Engine Type: 4-stroke, OHC, single cylinder
Starting Method: Electric / Recoil
Fuel Tank Capacity: 13L
Sound and Noise Data: 62d(BA) @ 7m
Dimensions: L: 686mm x W: 425mm x H: 505mm
Weight: 60kg
Warranty: 1 year
  • Maximum 3.00KVA output for wide range of applications
  • Low noise design, about 62~66dB/7m
  • Lightweight delivers super portability-only 60kg
  • Six hours running on a single fuel tank
  • Inverter technology delivers quality output
  • Stylish and patented design
  • Unique and patented air cycle system
  • Dual voltage output for ease of use
  • Manufacturer's 1 year warranty


Kipor is one of the world's largest manufacturers of 'digital inverter' generators. Kipor's range of digital generators is designed to give the highest quality inverter power, compact lightweight design - allowing super portability, quiet operation and excellent fuel efficiency.

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