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OUR PRICE: £449.00 (including VAT)
OUR PRICE: £780.00 (including VAT)
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OUR PRICE: £1,360.00 (including VAT)

Finish The Job With Our Premium Lawn Edgers

Snip the limits of outdoor projects into shape with lawn edgers that make your garden come together, the only way to properly finish your handiwork. Artful mowing now has a frame to finish with any of our high-end edging products.

Great for pathways, landscaped areas, commercial spots and domestic gardens that don’t scrimp on detail, our lawn edgers have guards to enclose a tight trim-line, reducing the need to go over bunkers and vegetation several times for a cohesive look. Two-stroke and four-blade cuts can do wonders for wild stems intruding on the quality of your work.

Wheeled actions lend extra manoeuvrability for winding edge routes; you can cut tight against fences, walls, and paving stones, providing a manicured touch without dulling the blade on hard surfaces. A time-saving way to achieve a close shave, The Green Reaper brings you a fine selection of lawn edgers for the ultimate spruce-up solution.