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Towed Lawn Scarifiers

The Green Reaper offers a range of towed lawn scarifiers to tow behind all makes of lawn tractor and ride-on mower for the removal of thatch build-up to promote a healthy lawn. Most people don't even realise that their lawn is constantly growing moss and thatch on the surface of the soil. This moss and thatch prevents water, air and sunlight from reaching the grass and its roots, therefore not allowing the grass to breathe and feed. This results in an unhealthy lawn that does not have the rich green colour and thick appearance that it should. Scarification is the ideal lawn treatment in spring and autumn to remove residue from your lawn and bring it back to shape. Scarifying is a less intense process than aerating, where spring tines spin and rake out the moss and thatch from the surface of the soil.

Built with the professional user in mind, these towed lawn scarifiers from leading manufacturers Lazer and SCH are delivered free to most UK mainland addresses.