Out-Front Ride-On Mowers

RRP: £4,899.00
OUR PRICE: £4,399.00 (including VAT)
RRP: £5,499.00
OUR PRICE: £4,999.00 (including VAT)

Steer Your Lawn Into Submission With Out-Front Ride-On Mowers

Take command of outdoor terrain with our out-front ride-on mowers. These vehicles are compact, multi-talented, and ideal for shearing wide stretches of lawn space. With powerful engines from the vaults of Briggs & Stratton, one of the most reliable lawnmower component manufacturers in the world, you’ll have the strength and speed to cut across even the thickest vegetation.

Foot-operated transmission lets you easily find a pace that suits you. Make quick turns through areas that are more like an obstacle course, skimming past bushes and tree stumps to get a thorough cut. Perched on the seat, you’ll have a clear view of where to go next, changing gears when surfaces start trying to defy you.

Adaptability here is key – our range features twin-blade cutting decks that slice keenly through thick stems and undergrowth, adjusted to your height preference. Snow blade and sweeper attachments also come in handy for conditions that take you by surprise. Whether you’ve got a never-ending lawn or a growing commercial venture, The Green Reaper’s out-front riders will take you on a course to victory.