Side Discharge / Mulching Lawn Tractors

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OUR PRICE: £1,499.00 (including VAT)
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OUR PRICE: £1,929.00 (including VAT)

Be Environmentally Friendly with our Side Discharge and Mulching Lawn Tractors

According to research, a lawn of half an acre can generate as much as 4.5 tons of grass cuttings in a year! Without recycling, this can be an incredible waste of resources as collecting this grass involves more effort and is time-consuming. The environmentally friendly alternative is to purchase a mulching lawn tractor.

Recycling or mulching the grass saves time as there is no more stopping to empty the grass collector - no more bagging up clippings and taking them to the tip, or having unsightly piles of rotting grass around your garden. The result is a perfect lawn finish that's 30% quicker. Mulching creates a healthier looking lawn. When grass clippings decompose, they return valuable nitrogen and other nutrients to the soil. Lawn mulching improves the texture and content of the soil, thus reducing diseases and thatch, resulting in a fuller, healthy lawn.

Our side-discharge and mulching garden tractor line-up consists of machines from top-brand manufacturers, so you can be sure you’re getting a quality product. To turn your side discharge lawn tractor into a real workhorse and a versatile tool for year-round use, we also have a huge range of tow-behind attachments to hitch onto the back of your machine.

All our side discharge lawn tractors are delivered free to most UK addresses with our “Ready Steady Mow” white glove service so the machine will be fully assembled, will undergo a pre-delivery inspection and will be fuelled, oiled, run and workshop tested to ensure it is in perfect working order prior to despatch. Wherever possible, your tractor will be delivered to your garden on our own transport with a full working handover. For greater distances, the machine is cable tied to a pallet and shrink wrapped into a cocoon. Our transport partner will deliver to you on a tail-lift lorry on a pre-arranged day so you simply unwrap the pallet, cut the cable ties and you’re ready to mow.