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Logosol - A World Leader in Wood Processing and Woodworking Equipment!

Logosol is a Swedish based international company developing and selling unique machines and services within wood processing and woodworking. With innovative and affordable solutions, Logosol has visibly changed forestry and woodworking for more than 20 years. Its products are known for simplicity of design, reliability, and efficiency. The modular nature of the products and accessories mean that our customers can easily upgrade at the same rate as the growth of their business. The most diverse range of products and service in 65 countries make Logosol global leaders in the industry. 

Logosol quality is Swedish quality!

“Made In Sweden” means high quality, innovation and sustainable solutions. Logosol really lives up to the expectations! Innovation, originality, simplicity and quality have been the distinguishing features of Logosol's product line. With these features as a basis, Logosol has developed a wide range of equipment for wood processing and woodworking. Logosol has become well known in this field all over the world.

Take control of the process!

From felling to finished wood products; with Logosol’s line of products you will be in charge throughout the entire process. In the range you will find everything from chainsaws to industrial machines. Our most renowned product, however, is the Logosol Sawmill. This invention is the world’s most popular portable sawmill!