Pressure Washers

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Power Through Outdoor Cleaning Jobs with Our Range of Pressure Washers

By generating up to 75 times more pressure than an ordinary garden hose, a pressure washer can blast away dirt, grime, mud and dust from vehicles, buildings, patios and more. Take a look at our range today, and make light work of your next outdoor cleaning job.

Pressure washers are also useful in that they can be used without any cleaning products - in many applications the pressure of the water alone is enough to dislodge even stubborn dirt and grime. However, many of our washers also come with detergent tanks for additional cleaning power.

The Green Reaper is very pleased to offer electric and petrol pressure washers to suit all applications. An electric pressure washer is ideally suited to general use around the home, whilst a petrol-driven pressure washer is favoured by professional users in a commercial or industrial environment. You can compare pressure washers by looking at their maximum pressure and maximum flow rate. Maximum pressure is measured in bars, with higher ratings meaning more powerful cleaning. Flow rate is measured in litres per hour (l/h), which refers to the volume of water (and therefore dirt) that is blasted out. A higher combination of the two is suited to major cleaning jobs, but those looking to conserve water and have smaller tasks may want to consider lower powered alternatives.

As with all of the products we supply, our range of pressure washers is selected only from well-known, reputable manufacturers. This includes Briggs & Stratton, GreenWorks, Efco, Karcher and SCH Supplies. Should you have any questions about the range, or if you’re having trouble making a decision, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

All pressure washers are delivered free to most UK mainland addresses.