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Truncator – The multiple log saw horse which offers a faster, easier and safer way to cut logs

If the thought of cutting up your next load of logs sounds too much like hard work then you’ll be pleased to be introduced to Truncator – a revolutionary new product which makes chopping logs faster, easier and safer too.

Invented, designed and developed by Richard Bowness; a retired builder from the Lake District Richard initially came up with the idea to develop a saw horse which saved time and strenuous effort whilst log cutting for his own needs – as well as being safe and easy to use.

Realising there was a gap in the market for a saw horse of its unique kind, Richard and the Truncator team spent two years developing the product which has received a number of prestigious awards including Best Product at the 2013 CLA Game Fair.

Whether your need to cut logs is for personal use – perhaps stocking wood burners and multi fuel stoves – use on small holdings or for more advanced industrial reasons the Truncator saw horse offers a number of benefits over and above competitors.