Cordless Blower Vacuums

Cordless Blower Vacuums That’ll Blow You Away 

Embrace the 21st century with cordless blower vacuums that will move heavy leaves and detritus in minutes. Feel the power of a heavy-duty battery in your hands, cutting to the chase when you need an easy response to piles of vegetation. Pulling chords and managing the kickback of a petrol motor can bury you in sweat and strain; these devices make that a thing of the past, removing the hassle from garden maintenance. 

Our cordless blower vacuums give you g-force (almost) at the push of a button. Their cushioned grips offer comfort when vacuuming, whilst high-performance battery packs facilitate hours of continued use. They’re light enough to be used with one hand, but strong enough to push leaves from the distance of a few feet, so you can bend and move unimpeded.

When it comes to sucking up the competition, these vacuums more than do the trick. The Green Reaper is thrilled to bring you some of the UK’s leading makes and models, so explore what a cordless blower vacuum can do for you, and marvel at the convenience it will bring to your life.