Electric Garden Blower Vacuums

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OUR PRICE: £88.00 (including VAT)

Shock Leaves Into Shape With Electric Blower Vacuums 

The Green Reaper is always fond of accessible tools that make gardening simpler. Hand-held electric blower vacuums bring the joy of compact gardening solutions to your garden tidy routine, getting rid of heavy equipment for jobs that shouldn’t take more than a few minutes to complete.

Disposing of leaves can be an arduous task, one that any gardener would rather avoid. While we can’t sweep away that prospect forever, we can certainly put the best tool in your hand. Our electric models are lightweight, intuitive, and come with depository bags that’ll eat up small vegetation faster than you thought possible. These devices turn bright squares of leaves into mulch, allowing you to compact extensive pick-ups at a staggering rate. 

Since they’re so small, our range of electric blower vacuums can squeeze into sheds and the underside of porches, making them ideal for homeowners. They’ll free your garden bin up for countless more pounds of compost, chewing the biggest jobs down to size.