Agri-Fab 45-0492 44" SmartSWEEP Tow-Behind Sweeper
Agri-Fab 45-0492 44" SmartSWEEP Tow-Behind Sweeper Agri-Fab 45-0492 44" SmartSWEEP Tow-Behind Sweeper Agri-Fab 45-0492 44" SmartSWEEP Tow-Behind Sweeper
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The new and improved Agri-Fab SmartSWEEP boasts many superior features that are different and more effective than those of conventional towed leaf sweepers, making it the best performer within its class.

The Agri-Fab 45-0492 SmartSWEEP is fitted with a unique flow-through bag which fills completely, utilising the entire 25 cubic feet of space, so there is no need to empty as often. The innovative design allows for easy bag removal by simply lifting the handle, without getting off the tractor. The tow-behind sweeper features a generous 44" working width with height adjustable brushes and built-in gauge to measure the depth for precise cleaning in a single pass, with no skipping.

The SmartSWEEP is easy to assemble with no tools required.  Agri-Fab's patented offset switch means the sweeper tongue can be offset to the left or right of the tractor allowing you to sweep and mow at the same time!

Last, but by no means least, you don't have to worry about storage. The Agri-Fab SmartSWEEP quickly collapses so you can just hang it up in the garage for next time.

So put down your rake - clear away leaves, grass clippings, debris and even pine cones with a towed lawn sweeper - it's less hard work, saves time and prevents damage to your grass.


In The Spring...
Unlike a regular bagger attachment, Agri-Fab sweepers quickly and easily pick up winter's debris in one pass.

In The Summer...

Unlike a regular bagger attachment, you can raise or lower the brushes to get all the grass clippings in one pass.

In The Autumn...

Unlike a regular bagger attachment, the sweeper's bag is wide and deep so you can easily pick up all the leaves in half the time.

Product specification

Brand: Agri-Fab
Working Width: 111.76cm / 44"
Propulsion: Towed
Hopper Capacity: 25 cu ft, flow-through fabric
Frame: Steel
Assembled Dimensions: 78" x 55" x 52"
Packaging Dimensions: 138cm x 50cm x 50cm
Weight: 44kg
Warranty: 3 years

No Tool Assembly

Easy to assemble - no tools required!


Patented Offset Hitch

Exclusive universal offset switch means sweeper tongue can be offset to allow you to sweep and mow at the same time.


Extra-Large Flow Through Bag

Mesh hopper fills more completely reducing the need to empty as often. Large capacity bag holds two to three times more than a 2-bin bagger. Unique design allows for easy bag removal without getting off the tractor - just lift the handle and dump!


Easy Storage

The lawn sweeper collapses, without tools, for easy, more compact storage.

Other Key Features:-

  • Inspired by consumer research
  • Designed to make sweeping up easier than ever - smart!
  • No-skip design cleans up debris in one pass
  • 24 per cent faster than a 38" sweeper
  • Bronze insert in wheels for greater product durability


Made in the USA with Chinese component

Agri-Fab 3 year warranty 


Agri-Fab products are covered by a three year limited manufacturer's warranty.


For three decades American-based Agri-Fab has been manufacturing quality products for the lawn and garden, as well as fabricating products for various industries.

The success of the manufacturing business launched in 1975 exceeded the founders' wildest expectations. The story began with the idea of developing a new and improved lawn sweeper. Soon, Agri-Fab went on to redesign and manufacture a product that outperformed any lawn sweeper on the market. The result attracted the attention of a major retailer and catapulted Agri-Fab into the position of an industry leader of lawn and garden attachments. Through the period of the early 1990s the business had doubled in size from what it was in the 1980s and doubled in size again in 1999.

Fulfilling its mission to provide employment for the people of Sullivan, Illinois, and the surrounding area, Agri-Fab has expanded to include many innovative and feature-rich attachments for the lawn and garden industry, as well as the UTV/ATV market.

Agri-Fab attachments are designed for homeowners who want beautiful lawns yet want the job of lawn care to be quick and easy. In order to achieve this objective, Agri-Fab asks you, its customers, how it can improve on its current lawn care products. As a result of this exploratory analysis, Agri-Fab constantly discovers new ways to meet your present and future needs.

In addition, Agri-Fab is continually looking to make its products less seasonal so you can get greater value for the attachment you buy. For example, the sweeper has long been viewed as a product for cleaning up leaves in the autumn. Agri-Fab has broadened this emphasis, making the sweeper ideal for spring clean up as well as the removal of summer grass clippings.

Above all of this, is Agri-Fab's dedication to building quality and durability into the products it manufacturers. The company is confident that its products are made with the very best components to ensure lasting performance. As proof of this commitment, all Agri-Fab lawn care products carry a three year warranty.

From lawn sweepers and spreaders to aerators and trailers and everything in between, there's an Agri-Fab product suitable for the task that will provide you with years of service, as well as make your lawn beautiful and its care easy.

Agri-Fab - Lawn Care Made Easy

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4.8 Star Rating
Nov 09 2020
Very impressed with the quality. The sweeper is delivered in one large (heavy) box. So, I had to help get it out of the delivery van. Putting it together doesn't require many tools as the majority of the pins are held in place with an R shape spring clip. The instructions are the usual pictures you have to decipher. Handily the instruction booklet has a parts list with a diagram matching the actual size of the parts so picking the right pin or bolt was easy. The sweeper bag is large and well made. The towing hook is adjustable so getting the mower to sweeper height right was a simple task. The sweeper works best on straight runs and gentle bends. It doesn't like being towed around tight angles like around trees where the inside wheel can drag and scrape up grass. This leaf sweeper replaced an Agri-fab push type which was hard work to use. Very pleased and would highly recommend if you have enough room to store. It's big even when folded away for storage.
Oct 25 2020
Great service , delivered day after ordering. Easy to put together and does a great job of clearing the lawn
Oct 02 2020
john barclay
Bit fiddly putting it together but when it’s up and running it’s great. I hate raking up leaves, now it’s almost a pleasure!
Oct 02 2020
Great at picking up leaves, grass, debris... emptying not as good, you must be careful not to overfill , or it just dumps it back over the machine.... probably just need to get the right technique. Some better instructions and online video's for setting it up and using ,would be very useful
Mar 07 2020
George Fillingham
Looks very well made,I haven't used it yet,I will tell you mid summer.
Oct 23 2019
Very pleased with the product and the service.
May 13 2019
I wanted a device that I could use to pickup loose grass clippings that were laying on the grass after using my mulcher ride on for grass that was too long. The ground is very lumpy so I can't go fast and was worried this wouldn't work since the brush turning relies on speed. No need to worry. Worked really well. Good and heavy so sits well on the ground and very effective at picking up grass. Very pleased. Highly recommended for picking up grass.
May 04 2019
Fantastic - works well and easy to use. Highly recommended.
May 28 2018
collector "bag" seems very flimsy and don't know how long it will last. you need to pull it quite fast to get it to collect properly
May 16 2018
Works brilliantly
May 06 2018
I was a bit sceptical until I read the reviews and decided to buy it. I am not disappointed. It does what it says and is remarkably well made. After a lot of rain our grass had become very long and we had to cut it as soon as we could. Two acres would be hard work to rake but the SmartSweep did the job without any problem. Very pleased
Sep 21 2017
Quick del . Easy to assemble. Good price very happy with purchase
Sep 18 2017
Colin Munro
Sep 09 2017
Brilliant product
Sep 02 2017
David Blackhurst
Just got it home here in France It does what it says on the box I'm very pleased Also prompt delivery and honest ans correct advice from the sales staff