AL-KO AK514070 Transmission Drive / Clutch Cable
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Replacement part fits the following models:

  • Sigma T 13-85 AK118313
  • AL-KO Concord T13-85 AK110820
  • AL-KO Powerline T15-102 AK118507
  • AL-KO Powerline T13-102 SP-H AK118520
  • AL-KO Powerline T13-82 HD AK118505
  • AL-KO Powerline T13-102 SP AK118506
  • AL-KO Powerline T15-102 HDS AK118352
  • AL-KO Powerline T13-74 AK118514
  • AL-KO Powerline T15-102 S AK118351
  • AL-KO Concord T17-102 HD AK118240
  • AL-KO Concord T14-85 HD AK118245
  • AL-KO Concord T15-102 AK118246
  • AL-KO Concord T13-102 HD AK118148
  • AL-KO Concord T13-102 AK110918
  • Grüne Welle RT 18-102 HD AK118418
  • AL-KO Concord T20-102 HD AK118226
  • AL-KO Concord T14-85 HD AK110821
  • AL-KO Concord T18-102 AK118248
  • AL-KO Concord T15-102 HD AK118247
  • AL-KO Concord T14-85 AK118244
  • AL-KO Concord T14-85 HD-H AK110757
  • AL-KO Comfort T900 AK118289
  • Ginge T 800 AK118270
  • AL-KO Comfort T10 AK118264
  • AL-KO Comfort T850 AK118279
  • AL-KO Comfort T800 SA AK118136
  • Turbosilent 12-75 AK118298
  • AL-KO Concord T15-102 HD AK118333
  • AL-KO Concord T15-102 AK118332
  • AL-KO Comfort T1000 AK118329
  • AL-KO Comfort T850 AK118406
  • AL-KO Concord T17-102 HD AK110920
  • AL-KO Concord T20-102 HDE AK118327
  • AL-KO Concord T13-102 HD AK118239
  • AL-KO Powerline RT14-85 HD AK118301
  • AL-KO Powerline RT14-85 AK118424
  • AL-KO Concord T13-102 Masport AK118238
  • AL-KO Concord T18-102 HDE AK118335
  • AL-KO Concord T18-102 HD AK118334
  • AL-KO Concord T14-76 AK118330
  • AL-KO Comfort T750 AK118328
  • Sigma T18-102 HD AK118317
  • Sigma T18-102 SG AK118316
  • Sigma T14-102 HD AK118315
  • Sigma T14-102 SG AK118314
  • AL-KO Powerline RT20-102 HDE AK118303
  • AL-KO Powerline RT18-102 HD AK118302
  • Euro Line T17-102 HD AK118319
  • AL-KO Concord T20-102 HDE AK118241
  • GHD T 10 AK118202
  • AL-KO Comfort T10 AK118201
  • Turbosilent 12-75 AK118129
  • AL-KO Powerline T17-102 HD AK118075
  • AL-KO Powerline RT14-85 HD AK117997
  • AL-KO Concord T16-102 AK110919
  • AL-KO Comfort T800 AK110941
  • AL-KO Concord T12-75 AK110819
  • Euro Line T16-102 AK118158
  • AL-KO Concord T13-102 SP AK118179
  • AL-KO Concord T13-102 HD-H AK118138
  • AL-KO Concord T13-85 HD AK110726
  • AL-KO Comfort T9-75 AK110722
  • AL-KO Comfort T750 AK118522
  • AL-KO Comfort T1000S AK118465
  • AL-KO Concord T15-102 S Masport AK118480
  • AL-KO Powerline T13-74 SA AK118565
  • AL-KO Concord T15-102 HD Masport AK118478
  • AL-KO Comfort T1000 AK118523
  • AL-KO Concord T14-102 Masport AK118477
  • AL-KO Concord T18-102 HD Masport AK118479
  • AL-KO Concord T15-102 HDS Masport AK118481
  • Euro Line T17-102 HD AK118571
  • AL-KO Comfort T850 AK118579
  • AL-KO Powerline T12,5-74 AK118580
  • AL-KO Powerline T15-102 S Bio-Combi AK118602
  • AL-KO Concord T15-102 HD Masport AK118606
  • AL-KO Spezial AK118094
  • AL-KO Gcat 550EA (13/75) AK118117
  • AL-KO T 13-102 HVC AK118121
  • AL-KO T 16-102 HVC AK118122
  • AL-KO T 13-102 Hochf. AK118135
  • AL-KO RT 12-75 Hochf. AK117995
  • AL-KO RT 14-85 HD-H Hochf. AK117998
  • AL-KO T 13-85 HD-H Eurocl. AK117834
  • AL-KO T 11- 85 Hochf. AK117879
  • AL-KO RT 13-85 H Hochf. AK117996
  • AL-KO T17-102 HD LUX HVC AK118144
  • AL-KO T13-85 HD LUX HVC AK118145
  • AL-KO RT 13-75 Hochfilzer AK118210
  • AL-KO T13-102 Lux HVC AK118347
  • AL-KO T18-102 HDE Lux HVC AK118348
  • AL-KO Park 1300 Edition AK118252
  • AL-KO T 165/102 HD Murray AK118292
  • AL-KO T17/102 HD MARINA AK118195
  • AL-KO T18/102HD MARINA AK118427
  • AL-KO Concord T11-75 AK110724
  • AL-KO Concord T12-85 AK110725

Product specification

Brand: AL-KO

Alko lawnmower


Founder Alko Founded in 1931 by Alois Kober as a small metalworking shop in southern Germany, AL-KO has become a global player comprising of more than 50 sites in 30 countries. The AL-KO Group today employs over 4,200 people worldwide covering three business divisions - Vehicle Technology, Garden + Hobby, and Air Technology. All AL-KO employees take great pride in the quality products they manufacture. 

For greater enjoyment in the garden

For more than 50 years, AL-KO has been developing and designing innovative garden tools for an extremely wide range of requirements and applications. Not only do AL-KO tools reflect its many years of expertise in technology and function, they also set new standards in terms of design. 

When the best is expected

With Germany efficiency, AL-KO's research and development engineers create pioneering garden tools from hundreds of individual parts. Materials of the highest quality, ingenious technology, perfect ergonomics and a sure feel for form and deteail make AL-KO's garden tools unmistakable.

The rigourous quality requirement that characterises the AL-KO band is guaranteed through its comprehensive technology programme that is consistently planned and implemented by AL-KO development engineers, designers and technicias - from the first design, to prototype construction and the end product.

Why not take the plunge into the world of AL-KO and get to know its high-quality products - without doubt you will find just the right implement for your requirements. AL-KO has everything you need for the garden, whether you are mowing, trimming, shredding, mulching, scarifying, lawn raking, cultivating, splitting or clearing ... 


All machines come with a two year warranty, following this machines have an extended warranty depending on the range and annual servicing by an authorised AL-KO dealer.

AL-KO Warranty

Solo by AL-KO

AL-KO has recently acquired Sindelfingen-based SOLO Kleinmotoren GmbH to strengthen its range of garden machinery. The existing AL-KO range is being expanded with petrol chainsaws and trimmers, providing customers with expertise and strong, tradition-rich brands in one product range.

 AL-KO factory


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Alko german

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