AL-KO HT 18 Li Cordless Hedge Trimmer
AL-KO HT 18 Li Cordless Hedge Trimmer AL-KO HT 18 Li Cordless Hedge Trimmer AL-KO HT 18 Li Cordless Hedge Trimmer
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The AL-KO HT 18 Li cordless hedge trimmer provides the ideal solution for cable-free hedge cutting.

Equipped with a quality 18 volt lithium-ion battery and premium quality diamond cut blades, the AL-KO HT 18 Li offers quality, performance and value for money. 

The 51cm double-sided blade gives a clean cut to branches up to 15mm thick. The stop guard provides protection to the blades when cutting along the ground or walls. Lightweight at just 2.9kg, the hedge trimmer is totally in balance as the weight has been distributed so that the trimmer always sits optimally in your hand. The integrated spirit level ensures a straight cut with the flick of a wrist, whilst the stop guard protects the blade when cutting along the ground and walls.

The battery is exchangeable and will run for approximately 25 minutes on a single charge. What is more, lithium-ion battery technology means there is no memory effect in the batteries so you can expect a long service life out of your hedge trimmer.

Product specification

Brand: AL-KO
Battery: Lithium-ion
Battery Voltage: 18V
Battery Capacity: 1.3Ah
Battery Charger: Included
Approx Run Time: 25 minutes on a single charge
Blades: Double-sided, diamond ground
Blade Length: 510mm
Tooth Spacing: 15mm
Blade Speed: 2200rpm
Sound and Noise Data: 95dB(A)
Weight: 2.8kg
Warranty: 2 year manufacturer's
Perfect Cut, Perfect Protection
Sustainably sharp, diamond-ground blades ensure a clean cut. The stop guard protects the blade when cutting along the ground and walls, while the cover can also be used for storage on a wall.
Fully Free
Thanks to the powerful 18V Li lithium-ion rechargeable battery, it is also possible to work out of the reach of power-outlets – with an exchangeable battery, even for 25 minutes at a time. What is more, li-ion technology means there is no memory effect, so a long service life can be expected.
Everything Straight
The integrated spirit level helps to achieve straight and horizontal hedge trimming. As a result, a ragged cut can be avoided.
Best Quality
The high-quality plastic housing is particularly sturdy and robust, thus guaranteeing the hedge trimmer achieves a long service life.
Perfect Balance
The battery-operated hedge trimmer HT 18V Li offers convincing technology, function and design – and what is more, the balance is just right too. Indeed, the weight has been distributed so that the trimmer always sits optimally in your hand.
Perfect Care
AL-KO recommend caring for your hedge trimmer with a spray oil with lubricating properties – it also frees up seized parts, removes rust and cleans.
Trimming Hedges The Right Way
Hedges should be trimmed to achieve a trapezoidal shape, which means wider at the bottom than the top, in order for them to remain dense and bushy. This makes it possible to prevent the lower branches from dying off due to lack of light.

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Founder Alko Founded in 1931 by Alois Kober as a small metalworking shop in southern Germany, AL-KO has become a global player comprising of more than 50 sites in 30 countries. The AL-KO Group today employs over 4,200 people worldwide covering three business divisions - Vehicle Technology, Garden + Hobby, and Air Technology. All AL-KO employees take great pride in the quality products they manufacture. 

For greater enjoyment in the garden

For more than 50 years, AL-KO has been developing and designing innovative garden tools for an extremely wide range of requirements and applications. Not only do AL-KO tools reflect its many years of expertise in technology and function, they also set new standards in terms of design. 

When the best is expected

With Germany efficiency, AL-KO's research and development engineers create pioneering garden tools from hundreds of individual parts. Materials of the highest quality, ingenious technology, perfect ergonomics and a sure feel for form and deteail make AL-KO's garden tools unmistakable.

The rigourous quality requirement that characterises the AL-KO band is guaranteed through its comprehensive technology programme that is consistently planned and implemented by AL-KO development engineers, designers and technicias - from the first design, to prototype construction and the end product.

Why not take the plunge into the world of AL-KO and get to know its high-quality products - without doubt you will find just the right implement for your requirements. AL-KO has everything you need for the garden, whether you are mowing, trimming, shredding, mulching, scarifying, lawn raking, cultivating, splitting or clearing ... 


All machines come with a two year warranty, following this machines have an extended warranty depending on the range and annual servicing by an authorised AL-KO dealer.

AL-KO Warranty

Solo by AL-KO

AL-KO has recently acquired Sindelfingen-based SOLO Kleinmotoren GmbH to strengthen its range of garden machinery. The existing AL-KO range is being expanded with petrol chainsaws and trimmers, providing customers with expertise and strong, tradition-rich brands in one product range.

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