Allett Sandringham 14E Electric Cylinder Lawn Mower
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The Allett Sandringham 14E is mains electric self-propelled cylinder mower designed for keen gardeners with smaller lawns, powred by a 420W motor with thermal protection.

The lawn mower comes with a five-bladed QC (Quick Cartridge) precision cutting cylinder which delivers 106 cuts per metre and features a 35cm (14") cutting width. An adjustable static turf rake is fitted as standard to tease and lift out dead material, moss and lateral grasses for improved cutting performance and lawn finish. Simple, five-position hand-dial adjustment of cutting heights between 6-32mm (1/4”-1 ¼”) to suit the season and grass growth conditions. 

An optional QC scarifier cartridge is available for thatch removal and lawn renovation which can be interchanged quickly with the cutting cartridge. Optional extra QC aerator and lawn brush also available and interchanged quickly.  

Product specification

Brand: Allett
Motor: Electric
Power Watts: 420W
Start Method: Push button
Propulsion: Self-propelled single speed
Width of Cut: 35.6cm / 14"
Blades: 5 bladed cutting cylinder
Cuts Per Metre: Variable, 88
Minimum Cutting Height: 6mm
Maximum Cutting Height: 32mm
Cutting Height Adjustment: Hand dial - 5 pre-set heights and 1 for scarifying : 9, 13, 18, 25 and 32mm; (S position = 0mm scarifying, 6mm mowing)
Collection System: Polypropylene grassbox with clippings compactor
Collector Capacity: 32L
Front Roller: Polyethylene
Rear Roller: Single section steel with rolled edges
Handle Type: 2 height positions plus folding to engage cylinder drive only
Power Cable: 15m
Overall Width: 48cm / 19"
Weight: 28kg
Shipping Dimensions: L: 75cm x W: 56cm x H: 55cm, 35kg
Sound and Noise Data: 96dB(A)
Warranty: 2 years
  • Powerful and energy efficient electric motor
  • Five stage flush mounted height of cut adjustment allows you to do so in seconds with the turn of a dial
  • Ground level scarifying height setting
  • Safety switch and full width bale bar to engage rear roller drive
  • Large capacity polypropylene grass box
  • Special cradle makes the large capacity grassbox easy to roll on and lift off without spilling the grass clippings
  • Two stage handle to engage cylinder drive only
  • Removable five blade cutting cylinder for easy maintenance
  • QC quick exchange system allows you to remove the blade cassette to turn your lawn mower into a powered rake by substituting the cutting cassette with the optional scarifying cassette


Why Allett cylinder mowers are the obvious choice.

It's your decision; do you want an area of cut grass or a real lawn?

If you just want your grass cutting, you may decide on a rotary machine, but if you want a beautifully presented lawn, you should choose an Allett cylinder mower.

High quality, luxury grade lawns and sports surfaces are mown with Allett cylinder mowers. Their superior cut, levelness of finish and production of strong stripes makes them the obvious choice.
Here's why.

Precision cutting

A cylinder mower cuts using a series of sharp spiral rotating blades. The rotating cylinder traps the blades of grass between its spinning blades and a stationary bottom blade, producing a precision, scissor-like cutting action.

Quality stripes
All quality cylinder mowers have substantial front and rear rollers. The grass is mown and then immediately rolled firmly to create a strong, clear stripe. The attractive light and dark stripes produced by a cylinder mower are recognised as being longer-lasting and more crisply-defined than those created by other mowers fitted with a rear roller alone.

Prevents scalping

The front and rear rollers of a cylinder mower run close to the point at which the grass is cut. This allows very low heights of cut to be achieved accurately without scalping.

No wheel marks
On expansive lawns, a large capacity cylinder mower - such as the Allett Buckingham 30H – applies an even downward pressure as it moves across the lawn's surface, leaving no wheel marks while minimising compaction.

Grass box access
A cylinder mower's grass box is located at the front of the machine. The contents are always visible so you know how much grass is being cut, how well the mower is cutting and whether you have the capacity to make another run across the lawn.


Allett takes great pride in its heritage. It is a wholly British-owned company which, for almost fifty years, has specialised in the design and manufacturer of precision, single-cylinder, walk-behind mowers. Through its technological achievements, the company has helped produce better, more consistent sports turf surfaces and finer, more beautiful ornamental lawns.

The first Allett prototype was a 36" wide machine designed, built and tested in 1965 by horticultural engineer, Reg Allett who, a year later, manufactured and sold his first production mower. Within two years of its launch, the Allett 36" was the professional groundsman's mower of choice and, by the late 1960s, these precision machines were cutting the outfields of every English Test Match venue and many county cricket grounds. They were also trusted to prepare the pitches of leading football and rugby clubs and were specified for use at other sports venues, country estates and public parks throughout the UK, Ireland and continental Europe.

Throughout the 1970s, 80s and 90s, Allett continued to develop its professional mower range with the introduction of the 20", 24", 30", 34" and 42" cut machines and by the early years of the current millennium, the professional cylinder mower range comprised specialist mowers for golf and bowling greens, sports stadiums, cricket wickets and outfields as well as public and private parks and gardens. In addition, the company was honoured when the Commonwealth War Graves Commission chose Allett mowers almost exclusively to maintain the grass within its immaculate cemeteries in Britain and all over the world.

In August 2007, the company was acquired by the privately-owned Turfmech Group and Allett mower production was moved to Turfmech's state-of-the-art manufacturing centre in Hixon, Staffordshire. Importantly, brand heritage expressed through its distinctive black, silver and gold livery was maintained and continues to be recognised throughout the world.

In May 2011 Allett acquired, from Bosch Lawn and Garden, the design and manufacturing rights to the former Atco and Suffolk Punch branded petrol and electric pedestrian cylinder mowers. These have now formed our new “green and gold” Classic and Expert cylinder mower ranges.

The addition of the new Classic and Expert domestic and semi-professional cylinder mowers to its portfolio makes Turfmech the largest manufacturer of pedestrian petrol-engined cylinder mowers in Britain, delivering sustained technological advances and complete peace of mind.

Today, the Allett brand of professional walk-behind cylinder mowers are leaders within their various market sectors, providing users with expertly-built, reliable, well-proven grass-cutting machines which produce a seemingly effortless first-class finish to every lawn on which they are used.

Each and every one of Allett's powerful, smooth running yet quiet machines is supported by exceptional pre- and after-sales care and attention, a service the company is delighted to offer to its customers worldwide.

Allett - Cylinder Mowers since 1965

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