Billy Goat AE1300HEU 30" Hydro-Drive Petrol Lawn Aerator
Billy Goat AE1300HEU 30" Hydro-Drive Petrol Lawn Aerator Billy Goat AE1300HEU 30" Hydro-Drive Petrol Lawn Aerator Billy Goat AE1300HEU 30" Hydro-Drive Petrol Lawn Aerator Billy Goat AE1300HEU 30" Hydro-Drive Petrol Lawn Aerator
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The Billy Goat AE1300HEU hydro aerator combines true 76cm (30") wide aeration with a speed up to 6.9km/h (4.3mph) to complete a 1,600 square metres in as little as minutes! That is 59 per cent quicker than a 66cm (26" drum). Other benefits are no more lifting on turns, aerate in reverse, trim and edges with ease and significantly improve hole quantity and quality when compared to a drum aerator. This machine is powered by a 390cc engine.

The AE1300HEU features variable aeration density (VAD™) and creates 2-10 times more holes than drum models in one pass (8-48 holes per square foot.) This eliminates double or triple aerating with drum aerators that have fixed hole patterns as low as 4 per square foot and saves significant time. VAD also provides the ability to do patch repair and seed bed prep in one pass by simply slowing down over bare spots.

FLEXTECH™ arms act independently and are durable and forgiving for unmatched reliability. The arm's reciprocating action drives plug depths up to two times that of drums. Call backs and/or rework regardless of soil conditions are significantly reduced. "In-Ground Turning" offers unrivaled manoeuverability, fatigue-free operation and improved production plus reduces downtime and turf repair when compared to drum aerators. With only eight tines and four bolts, tine service on this unit takes 10 per cent of the time needed to service 40+, 2-bolt drum units.

The AE1300HEU hydro aerator delivers one pass aeration, using one machine and a one man crew, for a one time aeration with no call backs. That's "One & Done Aeration" that sets a whole new standard in aeration productivity!

Product specification

Brand: Billy Goat
Engine: Honda
Displacement: 390cc
Rated Power Output: 9.7kW
Horsepower: 13hp
Start Method: Recoil
Propulsion: Hydrostatic
Transmission: Self-propelled, variable speed, hydro gear and pump
Productivity: Up to 6400m2/h
Speeds: Up to 6.9km/ 4.3mph
Aeration width per pass: 76cm / 30"
Tines: 8, reciprocating cam
Tine Pattern: Variable Aeration Density (VAD™)
Coring Depth: 7.6cm
Wheels: 15" pneumatic tyres, 35" wheelbase
Assembled Dimensions: L: 170cm x W: 87cm x H: 117cm
Weight: 234kg
Warranty: 1 year
AE1300H variable aeration density

Variable Aeration Density (VAD™)

Creates 2-10x more holes than drum models in one pass. Eliminates double aerating and offers ability to do patch repair and seed bed prep in one pass. Patent Pending.

AE1300H Flextech arms


Independently acting arms are durable and forgiving for unmatched reliability. Reciprocating action drives plug depths up to 2x that of drums. Reduces call backs and / or rework regardless of soil condition. Patent Pending.

AE1300H in-ground turning

In-Ground Turning

Provides unmatched maneuverability, ergonomics, ease of turning, improved production, reduced downtime and turf repair when compared to drum aerators.

AE1300H reverse action

Reverse Aeration

The Billy Goat AE1300H allows aeration in reverse!

AE1300H self-propelled, variable speed

Self-Propelled, Variable Speed

Intuitive hydro-drive controls allow you to feather the speed and aerate in both forward and reverse with finger tip control. Reduces fatigue and vibration.

AE1300H fast tine service

Fast Tine Service

Only eight tines and four bolts are easily accessed for 10% of the time needed to service 40+ tine, 2-bolt drum units

AE1300H tyres and wheelbase

15" Tyres and 35" Wheel Base

This unit has 15" tires and a 35" wheel base to accommodate slopes up to 20 degrees.

Billy Goat warranty 

Billy Goat Warranty

The AE1300H aerator is covered by a one year manufacturer's warranty.


Billy Goat Industries, Inc. is the premier manufacturer of commercial grade outdoor power equipment used in debris management. When it comes to property clean up, Billy Goat offers a complete line up of product solutions for all your residential, commercial and municipal needs. The company designs and produces industrial strength machinery, including: 

- Finishing mowers
- Lawn and litter vacuums
- Wheeled blowers
- Walk-behind brush cutters
- Aerators
- High weed mowers
- Debris loaders
- Power rakes and overseeders
- Sod cutters

Founded in 1967 as a subsidiary of Clipper Manufacturing, Billy Goat became independent in 1969. Today, the company is owned and operated by two generations of the Coates family. In 1974, Billy Goat moved to its current location just outside of Kansas City, Missouri, USA. Since that time, the company has expanded its facilities three times; the most recent being a 20,000 square foot addition occupied by welding and fabrication.

The company's reputation is one of durability, integrity, and innovation, not only designing for ease of use, but aggressively testing what it designs. It is not unusual to see Goats over 20 years old still in operation.

Since 1993, the company has made significant investments in benefits programmes, training, tooling and equipment, and facilities to make it more competitive in the future. Billy Goat is proud of its heritage, its people, its products, and its community. Rather than rest on its laurels, though, Billy Goat enthusiastically continues to look for ways to make cleaning up less of a chore.

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