As the sun shines through and warms up the soil and when temperatures regularly exceed eight degrees Celcius, your lawn slowly begins to grow. So now could be time to fetch your lawn mower out of the shed for the first time after the winter break, although the first cut should only be made around two weeks after the grass has sprouted. Many people base this on the first spring flowers such as tulips or daffodils; the lawn is only mown for the first time when their petals have dropped. You will really have to be the judge and jury on this. The general advice, and this is still determined and influenced by many factors, is if you decide to set your winter grass length at 25-40mm and the grass grows beyond the limits that you have set, then the grass can be cut.MTD-3- 43184 Don't forget to check your lawn mower before starting it up. Are all the screws still tight and the blades sharp enough? If you have a petrol-powered model, then the oil level, the spark plugs, the carburetor and the tank should be given a once over.

When it comes to the actual mowing, frequent mowing of small amounts is often better than more infrequent mowing of large amounts. As a general rule of thumb, the grass blade should be cut by a third or at most by half to a length of four to five centimetres. The dangers of cutting off too much in one go are several. Firstly, a shocked grass plant will spend a period of convalescence and become insular as it recovers. In this time, moss, weeds and undesirable grass species may infiltrate and start to colonise leading to competition and eventual exclusion of the desired grass. You could be faced with an expensive over seeding or turfing exercise to get your lawn back on the right track. So if your grass gets away a bit, then take two or more cuts, reducing the height each time, until you are back to the required length. Every time you mow, make sure you change the direction and pattern of mowing so that the grass is not always pressed in the same direction.

The best way to give your lawn a good start to the new season is to mow it regularly as this will increase the density of the grass which, in turn, leads to a better looking lawn. The old saying "a stitch in time saves nine" is probably a good adage so little and often and before it becomes a problem are good rules.

Enjoy your lawn!