The cordless revolution is happening right now in gardens up and down the UK. It's time for a new, smarter way to power through gardening and landscaping tasks, and battery power is rapidly replacing petrol and electric cables when it comes to the tools to carry out the job.

So what are the benefits? Well there are plenty of advantages to going cordless. Whereas petrol machines emit polution into the air and are a fuss to maintain, cordless tools are emission- and maintenance free. Noise is kept to a minimum and push button starting means there is no effort required to power up. Compared to mains electric, with cordless tools you won't be restricted by a power cable, giving you the freedom to go anywhere. Kind to the environment and your wallet, battery-powered tools cost just a few pence to run and, as one battery fits all, you will only need one battery to run every tool in a particular range, with perhaps a spare to keep on charge. With this in mind, you will see that many models are sold with the option of buying either the complete tool with battery and charger, as well as in bare tool format.

Cordless Lawn Mowers

The Green Reaper offers a comprehensive range of battery-powered lawn mowers with a model to suit all budgets and garden types.

From cordless experts EGO Power+ and GreenWorks Tools, as well as household names Webb, Allett, Cobra, AL-KO and WOLF-Garten, the battery voltage ranges from 36 to 72 volts. Dependent on the size of your lawn, there is also a choice of cutting widths between 30cm up to 50cm. Models are either push or self-propelled, and some come with variable speed transmission for increased user experience and convenience.

Most cordless lawn mowers are equipped with a traditional rotary blade set up but, for a really fine cut, Allett mowers have a cylinder blade system. If you are a gardener who likes to lay stripes down on the lawn, you can choose a mower with rear roller to achieve the 'Wimbledon' look. A mulch capability on certain models adds even more flexibility so you can fertilise as you mow.

For a limited time only, if you purchase an EGO Power+ 50cm self-propelled lawn mower kit, you will receive a free 2.5ah battery, ideal for powering the hand-held tools in the range

Cordless Lawn Scarifiers

Ridding your lawn of moss and thatch will allow nutrients, water and air to get right down to the grass roots to promote healthy growth. Cordless lawn scarifiers will let you get the job done faster, cleaner and cheaper and are a cord- and hassle-free alternative to electric or petrol scarifiers.

New to the market is the GreenWorks G40DT35 40 volt lawn scarifier / dethatcher. 

These scarifiers are sold in bare tool format and as they do not have the longest run times, it is a good idea to purchase a spare battery to keep you working.

Cordless Brush Cutters and Grass Trimmers

Cordless brush cutters are ideal for clearing overgrown areas if you need ease of mobility and don't want to deal with a petrol engine. Cordless strimmers combine light weight with a quiet motor so you can put the finishing touches to your lawn without bothering the neighbours or being restricted by a power cord.

The EGO Power+ ST1210E is a straight shaft line trimmer with loop handle powered by a 56 volt battery which produces 40% more power than the leading 40 volt battery. It is sold as a special bundle including 2.5Ah battery and standard charger.

Cordless Hedge Trimmers

With battery life extending to the hour mark in some cases, a cordless hedge cutter will allow for unparalleled freedom of movement whatever the shape, size and location of your hedge. Available in different blade lengths and voltages from top brands GreenWorks, EGO Power+, AL-KO, Efco and WOLF-Garten, certain models are suitable for commercial as well as domestic use.

For even greater reach, a pole hedge trimmer will allow you to maintain tall hedges safely with your feet on terra firma. Designed in Germany, made in Austria, the 40 LRK long reach hedge cutter forms part of AL-KO's EnergyFlex cordless series. 

Quite often manufacturer's pair a long reach hedge trimmer with a pole pruner, and these combo kits employ the same power unit. Thanks to the split shaft, the attachments can be quickly and easily interchanged so you can not only trim high hedges, but also prune out of reach tree limbs without the use of a ladder.

Cordless Multi Tools

An increasingly popular choice colonising garden sheds is the multi tool system. If you are lacking space to store a lot of gardening equipment, or don't wish to buy multiple pieces of highly specialised tools, then a garden multi tool is the wise way forward and also saves you a lot of money.

Leading the way and voted BBC Gardeners' World Magazine BEST Buy is the 56v multi tool from EGO Power+. One power head accepts an array of multi tool attachments including grass trimmer, brush cutter, long and short hedge trimmer, lawn edger and cultivator. Combined with EGO's innovative Arc lithium 56 volt battery supplying all the power you need, you can breeze through a variety of jobs without the fuss or fumes and with less noise than traditional petrol-powered tools.

Cordless Leaf Blowers and Blower Vacuums

You'll be blown away by the big selection of battery-powered hand-held and backpack leaf blowers on offer. They don't have the restraint of a power cord, the hassle of petrol and oil and are zero maintenance. Featuring finger-tip controlled variable speed, you will always find the right setting for clearing leaves into manageable piles for disposal or composting, as well as blowing hedge trimmings and grass cuttings off of hard surfaces. Some models feature an axial fan which works like turbine engine technology to really whip up a storm.

AL-KO's EnergyFlex blower has a 36 volt battery at its heart and two different blower tubes which are easily interchangeable to suit the volume and stubbornness of the debris.

Cordless blower vacs have a mulching facility to reduce down the volume of the leaves and deposit them in a collection bag, making it easy to empty onto the compost heap or into your green recycling bin. 

If you've got larger clearance jobs to tackle a go-anywhere backpack blower, has some serious and precise blowing power and sits comfortably on your back thanks to the knapsack design.

EGO Power's backpack blower employs an industry-leading 56 volt li-ion battery and, on turbo boost mode, produces over 1000 cubic metres so leaves and debris won't stand a chance.

Cordless Chainsaws and Pole Saws

Chop to your heart's content with a battery-powered chainsaw, ideal for preparing firewood or dealing with fallen timber. You won't have to worry about where the next power point will be, or have the fuss of petrol. A large proportion of these tools are equipped with world-renowned Oregon guide bar and chain, as well as featuring tool-less chain tensioning, automatic chain lubrication, safety chain brake, ergonomic controls and power indicators so you can easily monitor the battery life. 

Cobra's CS3540VZ 35cm / 40 volt chainsaw is keenly priced for the environmentally-conscious domestic user.

Enabling you to reach dizzy heights when pruning hard to reach branches, long reach chainsaws come in various lengths.

The 24 volt G24PS pole saw from GreenWorks Tools has a three piece split shaft for working at various heights, extending up to 267cm so there's no need to get out the ladder. A single charge of a 4Ah battery powers approximately 50 cuts through 5cm x 10cm wood.

Cordless Tillers

Ground breaking in more ways than one, a battery-powered tiller will allow soil cultivation the greener way using smart digging technology.

The GreenWorks G40TL is a mini tiller with an adjustable working width so it can be adapted to turn over the soil in wide borders or between narrow plant rows. Featuring a lightweight design, convenient push button start and a durable gear-driven transmission, it employs four sets of tines to till down to an adjustable depth of 13cm.

Cordless Hand Trimmers

Last but not least, when it comes to daily gardening tasks requiring meticulous attention to detail on hedges and shrubs, there is no job too small for our battery-powered hand-held trimmers. 
These versatile and indispensible garden tools are supplied with both a shrub shear blade and grass trimming blade particularly suitable for maintaining and contouring small-leaved ornamental trees, shrubs and evergreen hedges, as well putting the finishing touches to lawn edges.

Are You Ready To Join The Cordless Revolution?

From mowing and scarifying lawns to tidying lawn edges, shaping hedges, clearing leaves, turning over the soil and cutting firewood, these tools are equipped with the latest battery technology to deliver petrol-matching power, just without the noise, fuss or fumes. Not only good for the planet, cordless tools vibrate less than half of their petrol powered equivalents, reducing personal health risks like carpal tunnel, vibration white finger and hand arm vibration. 

There's nothing to hold you back. Petrol has met its match! 

These cordless companions and will make a welcome addition to any gardener's arsenal.