With wet weather in abundance at the moment, your garden may be completely waterlogged. A waterlogged  lawn is one where water sits on the surface and drains away slowly or not at all. It is most likely in areas which have clay or heavily compacted soils but can also be present where the soil has not been properly prepared before turfing or seeding. Easy to spot, waterlogged lawns will either have highly visibly patches of water or soil-coloured puddles, or feel very squelchy underfoot.

If you are facing a waterlogged garden, the first thing to do is avoid any unnecessary walking on it, as this will only compact the soil further. These sort of conditions certainly won’t be doing your lawn any favours, but they do provide the ideal breeding ground for moss (particularly where there is shade and acidic soil), as well as lichens, algae and liverworts. The problem is best approached once excess water has drained away.

Billy Goat scarifiers, aerators and overseeders

Why Aerate?

So when spring comes, aerating the soil should be the first task on your list, which can be achieved by shallow pricking the lawn with a slitter or aerator. Lawn aeration is considered to be the single best thing you can do to make your lawn appear lush, green and healthy. More so than extra watering, fertilising and mowing, aerating your lawn will ensure that each blade of grass gets the water and nutrients it needs.

Whilst spike aerators simply stab holes in the ground, the best method is to use a core aerator which will remove small cores of turf at regular intervals. This decompacts hard-packed soil and allows moisture and nutrients to access the grass roots where they are needed most. Aerating in the autumn is almost as important as doing it in the spring as it leaves each plant fully fortified for the dormant winter season.

So this spring, when the water has hopefully subsided, make core aeration a part of your spring lawn care regimen. The Green Reaper has a range of professional core aerators from top-brand manufacturers Billy Goat and Weibang. For the domestic user, we also stock a selection of hand aerators, and tow-behind spike lawn aerators.

Scarifying - A Pure Pleasure For Your Lawn

Lawn lovers will also want to treat their lawn to the purifying effect of scarifying. Scarification is the best method of getting rid of lawn felt consisting dead plant particles, grass clippings, moss and flat-rooted weeds. If not removed, this material will impede the air exchange as well as important water and nutrient supply to the grass roots. The ideal time for scarifying is April / May. If the amount of felt is very high you can scarify again in August / September. Once you have dealt with the immediate problem, it is important to diarise spiking to ensure that the problem remains controlled. Give your lawn new air to breathe and the ability to absorb nutrients well.

Electric Scarifiers

You may want to consider an electric 2-in-1 combination lawn scarifier / aerator from AL-KO. Winner of the Which? Best Buy award, the AL-KO 38 E Combi-Care has a 3INONE function: Scarify, ventilate and catch. 

The AL-KO Combi Care 38 E Comfort electric scarifier is powered by a 1300W electric motor. As a result, the electric scarifier can be used without pause and you save yourself having to change a battery or refueling the scarifier. With a large working width of 38cm yet a compact design, the scarifier ensures pleasant and fast work progress even on larger lawns. The working depth can be centrally adjusted through 5 stages. The scarifying roller is equipped with 14 robust steel blades, which give the AL-KO Combi Care 38 E Comfort electric scarifier a long service life. Moss, weeds and thatch are permanently removed. If required, the aerator can be easily replaced with a raking roller with efficient steel spring tines, which means you can not only scarify your lawn with a device, but also ventilate it. Free moving rear wheels prevent grass clumping for better traction and comfortable transportation. All inclusive: The spring tine roller and a 55 litre fabric bag are included with the unit.

At just £159.00 including VAT and free UK mainland delivery, this best-seller is a great choice.

Petrol Scarifiers

The Webb LS40P petrol lawn scarifier is a competitively priced machine equipped with an interchangeable blade system which comprises of either a 18 blade cartridge or 24 sprung claws to easily scarify the lawn. The machine is powered by a 212cc 4-stroke engine and has a 40cm / 16" working width.

This petrol scarifier costs £289.99 and we include free oil, fuel additive and fuel can to get you started.

Cordless Scarifiers

New for 2020 and coming soon, Cobra is introducing a 40V battery-powered lawn scarifier featuring a 38cm working width and 45 litre debris catcher. The machine is supplied with a 5.0Ah lithium-ion battery and charger.

Priced at £299.99, the Cobra S3840V is an environmentally-friendly alternative to ridding your lawn of moss and thatch.

Don’t be surprised if you lawn looks slightly battered just after scarifying – it will recover within a short time. Small patches will close on their own supported by lawn fertilising, but if the patches are bigger it is recommended to reseed.