Suitable for topiary and general gardening, a hedge trimmer from Efco will give the perfect result thanks to the cleanest of cutting actions.  These machines feature excellent blend of power and ease of handling and operation; tools anyone can use, young or old, beginner or expert.  Efco's quality blades are guaranteed to give a clean cut, indispensible both for the visual end result and for the health of the plant.

Guide to Hedge Trimmer Selection  

For tending and cutting hedges with small trunks located near to houses, even in spaces where access may be difficult, the best option is an electric hedge trimmer rated 600 or 700 watts, guaranteeing agility, easy handling and minimal noise.  Alternatively, professional hedge trimmers are just what you need to confidently tackle all types of hedge, no matter how tough or dense.  Generally rated over 600 watt, they ensure consistent long-term efficiency with maximum productivity and minimum effort. Hedge trimmer blades can have single or double cutting edges and are between 60 and 75cm in length.  Optional features, such as a primer, ensure trouble-free ignition, even at low temperatures.  The dual safety switch and the shockproof  material used in construction are designed to protect the user and safeguard the integrity of the machine.  The handgrip turns through 180° allowing operation even close to walls, with the machine held at an angle.

Proper Maintenance of your Hedge Trimmer 

  • Check the condition of the blade.  If excessive wear is evident, contact a service centre
  • After each session, free the blade of any debris that has collected.  When clean, spray the blade with a light coating of thin oil to prevent rust
  • Sharpen the blade periodically with the special tool provided
  • Clean the machine regularly with a soft brush or a cloth
  • Periodically inspect the air and fuel filter on petrol models, and replace if necessary
  • Clean the cylinder fins on petrol hedge trimmer regularly, using a brush or compressed air
  • Occasionally inspect the spark plug on petrol models, check the electrode gap (0.5mm) and verify the condition of the exhaust silencer
  • Grease the speed reduction/drive mechanism every 20 working hours