Bosch AVR 1100 Electric Verticutter
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The lawn raker is ideal for regularly freeing a lawn from moss growth or thatch. Fourteen rotating blades made of hardened steel are fitted on the cylinder in the Verticutter AVR 1100. With the innovative "Jet-Collect" system, a quickly rotating, turbine-like cylinder with a length of 32 centimetres. The turbine generates a powerful air flow, which blows thatch, moss or loose dead grass completely into the large, 50 litre collection box, where it compresses them.

Product specification

Brand: Bosch
Motor: Powerdrive electric
Power Watts: 1100W
Working Width: 32cm
Working Depth: +5 / 0 / -5 / -10mm
Blades: 14 hardened steel blades
Collector Capacity: 50L
Handle Type: Z-folding
Assembled Dimensions: Shipping 59 x40 x50cm
Weight: 9.9kg
Warranty: 2 years
  • Patented Jet Collect system gives better collection, increasing convenience and saving time
  • 14 slitting knives ensure deeper rooted thatch and moss is cut and lifted
  • 1100W Powerdrive motor for superior power and more torque for efficient thatch and moss removal
  • 2-piece, 50 litre rear collection box reduces emptying trips and splits for storage
  • Z-folding handle and stackable grass box
  • Compact and easy storage
  • Four working heights from + 5 to -10 mm
  • Variable heights to suit all lawn conditions

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5 Star Rating
May 16 2017
cynthia pritchard
I am delighted with my new Bosch verticutter it is so easy to use and does a brilliant job of raking the lawn of thatch i would certainly recommend it to my friends