Grass Trimmers

It doesn't matter whether you’re looking after a small domestic lawn or maintaining a large ornamental garden; a quality grass strimmer is essential. These lightweight and very portable tools can be used to cut hard-to-reach grass, and add a professional finish to any lawn.  

Strimmers are also ideal for cutting the grass around trees, and make for a perfect alternative to mowers if you have a particularly small area of grass to maintain.

Petrol strimmers are the old favourite, boasting all the power you need to tackle relatively overgrown areas of scrub, or even small patches of overgrowth. All of our petrol strimmers are suited to professionals and enthusiasts alike, and can be relied upon to perform well in almost every setting.  

Electric strimmers and cordless models are available too. These eco-friendly options generally provide a little less power, but are perfect for those looking for a cost effective, quiet and environmentally friendly option.

If you’re unsure as to which type of strimmer will suit you best, then give us a call, and a member of the team will be delighted to help. Browse our full range of discounted grass strimmers using the categories below.

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Make the most of powerful petrol strimmers, some featuring easy-start mechanisms, low fuel consumption and even split shafts for extra attachments.

Petrol Strimmers


Electric strimmers are the greener option. We offer budget-friendly models, those with automatic line feeding and adjustable heights too.

Electric Strimmers


Less noise, no fuel and no fumes: cordless strimmers feature lightweight portability combined with a quiet and nature-friendly electric motor.

Cordless Strimmers


A range of battery-powered shrub shears and lawn shears to help you trim with ease and precision

Hand Trimmers

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