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Stay Safe With Brush Cutter Blade Guards

Firing a brush cutter to life is one of the most satisfying things in a gardener’s day, but it’s important to keep that power under control and away from any mishaps. If you’re working around pets or children, or merely wanting to protect yourself from a slip-up, brush cutter blade guards are essential for letting you rip away at a garden unimpeded. 

Our collection includes guards for various shaft fittings, adapting to the scope of your job. They’re fully adjustable and manufactured to the highest quality, ensuring your blades are kept safe and secure. What’s more, they’ll reduce some of the moisture when working in wet conditions, increasing the long-term usability of your kit. 

The blade guard will also keep cut grass from flying in every direction, so you can tidy up without much hassle. At The Green Reaper, we want you to be safe doing what you love, which is why we’re proud to supply a premium range of brush cutter blade guards.