DR Pro XL 21.00 ES Petrol Chipper
DR Pro XL 21.00 ES Petrol Chipper DR Pro XL 21.00 ES Petrol Chipper
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The Pro XL 21.00 ES is DR's fastest, most powerful wood chipper in the range. Even the biggest hardwood branches won't slow down this Rapid-Feed chipper.  You simply can't get a more powerful chipper without getting into the hughely expensive industrial realm.

Capable of devouring saplings and branches up to 5.75" in diameter, this machine is designed for the rigours of continuous wood chipping, hour after hour, year after year. The self-feeding action with air-injection venting allows you to simply drop the wood into the chipper hopper without the need to force it through. The extra large hopper opening accepts branches with minimal trimming of side branches.  The high discharge chute allows you to discharge wood chips directly into a pickup bed, trailer or wheelbarrow.

The power is provided by a Briggs & Stratton 420cc overhead valve engine with electric start, which produces 21.00 foot pound of torque. The debris management system protects the engine from any stray debris. The commercial-rade centrifugal clutch (similar to those used in well drilling) means there is no load on the engine until it reaches 1600rpm. If you do manage to find a branch touch enough to slow the engine to this rate, the clutch will automatically disengage the engine until it is back up to speed.

The sharp, hard-wearing Pro-Spec chipper knife is made out of high-carbon / high-chromium hardened D2 steel for excellent edge-holding ability. The knife is mounted on a heavy-duty 28.3kg flywheel with a massive 50cm diameter that rotates at 144mph and takes an amazing 40 "bites" per second.  Five oversized steel flywheel fins strike chipped material 9600 times per minute, blasting material out of the machine. The inertia created by the flywheel lets the work go smoothly with less strain on your machine.

The chipper is supplied with a hitch pin which enables it to be towed to and from the work area with either a garden tractor or an ATV. 

Most impressively, in over 300 hours of testing, DR's testers have never experienced any clogging whatsoever!

Product specification

Brand: DR
Engine: Briggs & Stratton
Engine Type: OHV
Displacement: 420cc
Torque: 21.0fpt
Engine Cylinders: Single
Start Method: Electric
Air Filter: Dual element
Engine Lubrication Type: Splash
Fuel Tank Capacity: 6.4L
Chipper Hopper Opening: 48cm x 77cm / 19" x 30.5"
Chipping Knives: 6.25" D2 heat-treated tool steel
Chipping Capacity: 5.75" softwood, 4.75" hardwood
Chopping Speed: 144mph, 40 bites per second
Flywheel: Diameter: 20" (50cm)
Weight: 28.3kg
Shredding Capacity: N/A
Safety Features: Safety blowback shield
Tyres: 2, 4.10/3.50-6 saw tooth tread
Frame: 12 gauge
Hopper Material: Steel
Tow Hitch: Pin hitch included (NOT road legal)
Assembled Dimensions: L: 218cm x W: 147cm x H: 148cm
Weight: 147.4kg
Warranty: Machine: 2 years in residential use; 90 days in commercial use
Engine: 2 years in residential use; 1 year in commercial use

DR's Fastest, Most Powerful Chipper!

Designed for the rigors of continuous wood chipping, hour after hour...year after year. Anything too big for this machine can be sold as firewood! You simply can’t get a more powerful chipper without getting into the hugely expensive industrial realm.

NB: Road tow not available in the UK.

Self-Feeding Action

A large vertically oriented hopper, a precisely-angled heavy-duty chipping knife, and a powerful air channel work together to pull branches into the chipping hopper and blast wood chips out the discharge. Most materials will self-feed, so once you drop a branch in your free to get the next one. No force feeding required!

Oversized Chipping Hopper

DR's big chipping hoppers will accept whole armfuls of small branches at branches at once, or even whole trees and saplings, with little or no trimming of side branches. This saves tremendously on the time you spend pruning and preparing materials for chipping. 


Pro-Spec™ Chipper Knife

Made of high-carbon/high-chromium forged alloy tool steel, DR knives hold an edge longer than those on "bargain" chippers. Still, as with any cutting tool, keeping a sharp edge is important for maintaining peak performance so DR recommends keeping an extra on hand so you can minimise downtime.


Heavy-Duty Flywheel

The key to efficient wood chipping is the rotating mass created by the flywheel on which the chipper knife is mounted. This model features a 50cm diameter flywheel that weighs a hefty 28.3kg. It spins at 144mph and takes an amazing 40 “bites” per second!

Briggs and Stratton OHV Engine

Easy starting overhead valve design. OHV engines run cooler and cleaner for better fuel economy and longer engine life. DuraLube™ splash lubrication system. 21.0 foot pounds torque, 420cc displacement.


Commercial Grade Clutch

The commercial-grade centrifugal clutch on the 21.0 chipper is similar to those used in well drilling. There is no load on the engine until it reaches 1600rpm. If you do manage to find a branch tough enough to slow the engine to 1600 rpm, the clutch will automatically disengage the engine until it's back up to speed.


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Based in rural Vermont, the employees of DR POWER EQUIPMENT enjoy caring for their land, and take great pride in beautifying and improving the place they call home. DR POWER EQUIPMENT appreciates the customers need for quality products that are durable, simple and useful.

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