DR Pro XL 30-16.5 ES Field and Brush Mower (Power Steering)
DR Pro XL 30-16.5 ES Field and Brush Mower (Power Steering) DR Pro XL 30-16.5 ES Field and Brush Mower (Power Steering)
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Large hilly areas are no problem to clear and maintain, especially if you need to get the job done faster in tight spots where your garden tractor can't access. The Pro XL 30-16.5 ES from DR will give you more power, a wider cut and power steering.

The unstoppable DR Pro XL 30-16.5 ES field and brush mower has a new power steering function; with just a squeeze of the brake on one side, the machine will pivot effortlessly around that wheel, making it easier to navigate the machine around trees, or obstacles or to make a 180 degree turn at the end of the row. Best of all, this model also includes independent disc brakes on each wheel so you can feather the uphill brake on side slopes to improve the machine's tracking and traction.

The 500cc Briggs & Stratton engine steps you up to a Professional Series engine so the mower will easily handle the extra torque load over the long haul. With its full pressure oil pump, you can mow with ease on slopes up to 20 degrees in gradient and be assured of plenty of good lubrication for the legendary Briggs & Stratton engine, without the risk of oil or fuel starvation. The engine, with cast iron cylinder sleeve and overhead valve, also gives you the convenience of turn-key starting so you never have to leave the operator's position to fire up or stop the machine. The 500cc displacement also provides that extra power needed to cut through saplings up to 2½ inches thick. The DR Pro XL 30-16.5 ES has the capacity to also cut 8 foot tall weeds and brush and 6 foot high grass.

Equipped with a 30" deck, it is wide enough for effective clearing but is still very manoeuvrable. The deck on the field and brush mower pivots from side to side, allowing you to follow the contours of tough terrain. This feature helps to avoid scalping the surface, while keeping the weight of the machine on its drive wheels to improve traction. Each tyre features superior lugged treads and is filled with one pint of sealant, making the tyres highly resistant to puncture from sharp sticks, stubble, glass and even nails.

All the operating functions for the machine are located on the control panel or on the hand grips. They are designed to optimise operator comfort with everything at your fingertips, including electric start, operator presence, throttle, gear shift, blade engagement and brakes. The machine features an electric clutch, high quality Peerless transaxle and 3 forward speeds plus reverse.

Why not turn your field and brush mower into a four-season workhorse? DR has designed its mower with a unique coupling system that makes it easy to add versatile attachments within minutes (see related items below). Just slide off the brush deck and slide the attachment onto the power unit shaft, slip the belt over the attachment's drive pulley and lock the attachment in place with a locking pin.

The new DR field and brush mower is the first redesign in over 10 years and, following its launch in America two years ago, it has become the most successful range in the company's history, maintaining its position as the best-selling bruh mower in the USA for over 25 years. Busting tough brush is one thing, withstanding years of abuse is another - DR field and brush mowers deliver on both counts.

Product specification

Brand: DR
Engine: Briggs & Stratton
Engine Model: Professional Series OHV
Displacement: 500cc
Torque: 24.0fpt
Horsepower: 16.5hp
Engine Cylinders: 1, cast-iron sleeved
Start Method: Electric key
Propulsion: Self-propelled single speed
Transmission: Peerless transaxe
Gears: 3 forward, 1 reverse
Maximum Operating Angle: 20°
Fuel Tank Capacity: 7.5L
Oil Tank Capacity: 1.59L
Lubrication: Full pressure pump with oil filter
Air Filter: Dual element
Clutch: Electric
Frame: 12 gauge steel
Cutter Deck: Pivoting - 12 gauge steel
Blades: 1
Width of Cut: 76cm / 30"
Maximum Cutting Height: 90mm
Cutting Capacity: 6' high grass
8' high weeds & brush
2.5" thick saplings
Steering: Power steering
Handle Type: Adjustable, high 42", low 38"
Wheels: 2
Tyres: 18" x 6.5" x 8", sealant-filled, lugged tread
Tow Hitch: No
Assembled Dimensions: L: 211cm x W: 84cm x H: 122cm
L: 83" x W: 33" x H: 48"
Weight: 137kg
Shipping Dimensions: L: 62" x W: 45" x H: 44"
Warranty: Machine: 2 years in residential use; 90 days in commercial use
Engine: 2 years in residential use; 1 year in commercial use

Get the Job Done Quickly without Compromising on Manoeuvrability

The 30" wide cutting deck ensures progress is swift when cutting through weeds, brush, grass or even 2.5" thick saplings but moving the machine around is still achievable. 

Power Steering

The simple, but effective disc brake system enables the power steering function. Each wheel is fitted with its own brake which is operated by a hand lever. When one of the brake levers are compressed, the mower will pivot easily around that wheel so moving the field and brush mower around obstacles is easy. 


16.5hp Briggs & Stratton Intek Engine

The legendary power, performance and durability of Briggs & Stratton® engines make them the only ones used on DR's walk-behind field and brush mowers. With this model, you step up to a Briggs Professional Series OHV engine, with full pressure oil pump (great for positive lubrication even on slopes), spin-off oil filter, 500cc of displacement, cast-iron cylinder sleeve, and easy, turn-key electric starting.


30" Pivoting Deck

The 30" deck is wide enough for effective clearing, but is still very maneuverable. Unlike rigid, fixed decks found on some mowers, the DR deck pivots from side to side, allowing it to follow the contours of rough terrain. This feature minimises scalping and improves traction.

Superior Mulching

DR decks are enclosed on three sides, so that cut material is chopped and re-chopped, reducing grass and brush to a fine mulch. This means less material is left behind in your field, and none of the windrows you get with side-discharging mowers.

Gear-Driven Transmission: Lock it in and Rip it up!

Unlike hydrostatic drives, the DR's geared transmission lets you lock in your ground speed, leaving your hands free to steer the machine across uneven terrain (instead of fussing with touchy throttle controls as you go). With three forward gears, you can choose a fixed pace that’s right for you.

Big, Lugged Tyres for Sure Traction

No other brush mower has tyres like this. They’re the biggest (18" x 6.5" x 8"), they have superior lugged treads that pull the mower through or over just about anything, and they are sealant filled ... which means they’re highly resistant to puncture. Tough as nails, apparently!

Custom-Made Blade Spindle

Made of 1.375" thick cast iron with oversized double sealed bearings, the blade spindle is integrated into the deck housing and reinforced for vibration-free performance. Designed to provide years of maintenance-free use (and abuse!).

Commercial Grade Electric Clutch

DR's industry-leading, self-adjusting clutch is designed for easy access and quick swapping out of optional attachments. After 245 hours of testing only 10% of the life of the clutch was used up. There are no cables to stretch or idler pulleys to get out of adjustment.

Attachments Add 4-Season Versatility

Thanks to DR's quick-change coupling system, the brush mowing deck can be swapped - in just minutes - with one of the optional PTO attachments: a 42" finish mower, a 30" snow thrower, a wood chipper, or a 42" grader blade. It's like owning five machines in one!

Built to Take a Beating

Field and brush mowing is a bruising business, and underbuilt mowers don’t survive long out where the tough stuff grows. DR machines are framed with heavy-duty, laser cut steel, and reinforce key stress spots so you get a product that will withstand years of use and abuse.

Adjustable Handlebars

A comfortable working height is important, especially when traversing rough terrain.

Ergonomic Controls

Both on the control panel and on the grips, all DR field and brush mowers controls are designed to optimise operator comfort and minimise hand fatigue. Everything you need is right at your fingertips, so there is no walking around the mower to make adjustments.

Heavy-Duty Powder Coating

DR frames and decks are finished with a tough, durable powder coating that resists scratching and promotes long life.


DR POWER EQUIPMENT is passionate about the spirit of country living.

Based in rural Vermont, the employees of DR POWER EQUIPMENT enjoy caring for their land, and take great pride in beautifying and improving the place they call home. DR POWER EQUIPMENT appreciates the customers need for quality products that are durable, simple and useful.

That's why, since 1985, DR POWER EQUIPMENT has been manufacturing and selling products that make outdoor work easier and more enjoyable. DR POWER EQUIPMENT only offers products that they use themselves, each one vigorously tested for performance and durability, described truthfully, and guaranteed to be of the best quality and value available.

DR - Done Right!

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