Earthquake Dually One Man / Two Man Earth Auger Powerhead

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Once again, Earthquake leads the way in hand-held power earth augers with the introduction of the Earthquake Dually™, the world's first one OR two man earth auger combined in one ultra-durable unit.

The Earthquake Dually gives you the choice of drilling holes all by yourself, or with the aid of another person for some of those tougher drilling jobs. For the big outdoor task requiring extra man-power, the Dually handles extremely well with two operators. But while other standard two-man augers only allow for two-man operation at all times, the Dually can just as easily be operated by a single person - a first for earth augers.

The Earthquake Dually features unique jobsite handlebars which are specially shaped for its dual purpose, with two throttle controls mounted on the handlebars in two different user positions which gives the operators the versatility to control the unit from the position they find most optimal. The handlebars are practically indestructable and are formed into a protective cage which guards the engine on all sides.

All the power you need is at your fingertips with the Dually's high-rpm 52cc two-stroke Viper engine, whether you are working alone or with someone else to drill each hole faster. Like other Earthquake earth augers, the Dually also features a durable five bearing transmission and solid steel heat-treated allow gears for extra strength.

Used in conjunction with auger sizes 6" and above, you will benefit from flex coil for shock absorption when drilling through hard, rocky soil. The multi-position anti-vibration foam-grip handles make the auger comfortable to operate.

Whether you are building a deck or fence, planting trees or installing a mailbox, the Dually earth auger powerhead from Earthquake brings versatility to the job. Earthquake is a division of Ardisam.

Product specification

Brand: Earthquake
Engine: Viper
Engine Type: 2-stroke
Displacement: 52cc
Start Method: Recoil
Gear Ratio: 30 : 1
Speed: 285max
Powerhead Weight: 10.88kg
  • One or two-man operation
  • Virtually indestructible Job site handlebars protect entire engine and its components
  • Two throttle controls mounted on the handlebars for several operating positions.
  • Outstanding power, speed, and durability
  • Lightweight, heavy-duty construction
  • Solid steel, heat-treated, precision-made alloy spur gears
  • Comfortable anti-vibration, foam-grip handles
  • Centrifugal clutch slips upon sudden impact
  • Quick-start primer
  • Five-bearing transmission
  • Industrial air filtration system


A garden is much more than just a lawn. With Ardisam Earthquake powered chore equipment you can maximise your garden's true potential.

Ardisam gardencare products offer strength and reliability as well as outstanding performance. Whether you are looking to introduce a vegetable patch into your garden, bore holes to erect a new fence, or dispose of tree clippings, Ardisam has the product for the job. Ardisam is built to last and doesn't cost the earth.

A garden has much more potential than many people realise, and Ardisam believes that this potential should be utilised. Instead of just having a lawn, why not introduce a vegetable patch producing a variety of vegetables making you more self sufficient, or even a new flower bed to give life to your lawn. The Ardisam Badger Front Tine Rototiller can cultivate your lawn efficiently and with ease whatever condition your soil is in.

Ardisam's headquarters are based in Northwest Wisconsin in the USA. The company's products are primarily designed for people who enjoy the outdoor rural life style and the people who work there are passionate about embracing and enjoying the unique activities common in rural America. Being heavy users of their own products gives Ardisam a distinct advantage over their competition. New innovations come with every change in the season since the company is always thinking about the next best idea and bringing it to life. The advantage is a durable product range for every season, that works season after season.

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