Efco SA 9000 Backpack Blower
Efco SA 9000 Backpack Blower Efco SA 9000 Backpack Blower Efco SA 9000 Backpack Blower Efco SA 9000 Backpack Blower
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The most powerful backpack blower on the market, the Efco SA 9000 is designed to provide the maximum operator comfort and optimal performance even in the toughest conditions, whether it be the clearing of urban spaces or, in agriculture, as an aid when gathering fruit or other freshly fallen produce.

The Efco SA 9000 is ergonomically designed down to the smallest detail. The backpack is designed to restrict weight and machine oscillation in order to minimise vibrations. The controls are readily accessible and the control handle can be easily adjusted to suit the operator's stature.

Equipped with a powerful 77cc / 5hp two-stroke engine with recoil start, the SA 9000 delivers high performance in terms of air flow (27m3/min) and air speed (105m/sec) to allow rapid and efficient clearing and collection operations, irrespective of ground conditions. The engine speed is adjustable to meet every need, by way of the fixed throttle lever.

The blower is supplied with two air delivery nozzles as standard - rectangular and round sections, both equipped with hemispherical support so that the tube can rest on the ground on level terrain to reduce operator fatigue. Comfort is aided by the lightweight, corrosion-resistant anodised aluminium frame with padded backpack harness.

The large high-capacity long life paper air cleaner protects the engine, even in very high dust levels. All screws on the machine share the same type of head so all servicing tasks can be carried out using a single wrench.

Product specification

Brand: Efco
Engine: Emak
Engine Type: 2-stroke
Displacement: 77cc
Rated Power Output: 5.0hp - 3.6kW
Start Method: Recoil
Fuel Tank Capacity: 2.3L
Maximum Air Flow Volume: 27m³/min - 1620m³/h
Maximum Air Flow Speed: 105m/sec
Sound and Noise Data: 103/115dB(A)
Weight: 11.2kg
Warranty: 3 years

Key Features

  • Professional 77cc  two-stroke engine with an ample 5hp (3.6kW) power rating, designed for continuous heavy-duty service.
  • High efficiency engine cooling system provided by the blower fan, which delivers air through cooling vents.
  • Primer device assists with cold starts, starts after refuelling, and starts after long periods of disuse.
  • The generously sized paper air filter provides the maximum protection for the engine – even in very dusty environments – and has a longer working lifetime.
  • Easy access and maintenance of the air filter: just unscrew the knobs by hand.
  • The central handle allows practical and easy handling of the machine.
  • All screws are hex socket type to allow the use of a single tool for most maintenance procedures.
  • The nylon blower wheel and casing, and the aluminium backpack, ensure low weight and comfort, increasing the operator’s movements and minimising muscular fatigue after prolonged use of the blower.
  • The ergonomic backpack frame and the padded straps combined with an antivibration system composed of 4 steel springs situated between the backpack frame and the engine casing allow for a significant reduction in the level of vibration transmitted to the operator.
  • The blower tube is designed to guarantee the maximum performance (air volume and speed) with minimum strain of the operator’s arm (caused by resistance force acting on the handgrip.
  • The machine is supplied with two air delivery nozzles, both equipped with a hemispherical support to allow the tube to rest on the ground on level terrain: Rectangular nozzle for dry terrain.Round nozzle for wet terrain, the flap prevents the air thrust force from being transmitted to the operator’s arm.
  • Throttle trigger with manual control allows the engine speed to be adjusted and maintained as required.
  • Perfectly accessible controls: the control handle can be easily adjusted to match the operator’s stature, without the use of tools.

Sharp-pro Range

Sharp-pro is a range of no-nonsense everyday tools for the busy professional, these are machines that stand out for the toughness of their components, their high performance and their matchless long-term durability. Specific materials used in construction guarantee unwavering quality even when tackling the most severe and lengthy of tasks, like forestry work and the clearance of uncultivated areas or scrub


Efco manufactures a complete range of high performance garden machinery to meet every need. A technological heartbeat generated at Bagnolo in Piano in the Po Valley and pulsating across five continents, Efco, a brand of Emak Group, takes Italian manufacturing excellence into gardens and woodland around the world.

Lawn mowers, garden tractors, ride-on lawn mowers, brush cutters, hedge cutters, chainsaws, blowers and more ... all backed by a nationwide network of Efco specialist dealers.

Efco's programme of new product development has resulted in a truly comprehensive, constantly updated range of machines to meet the needs of users at every level, from leisure gardeners to estate and park groundsmen.

Efco products are engineered to give up to three times longer life than many leading brands and at prices up to 30% less.

Efco guarantees its products for three years for domestic use, subject to the manufacturer's "recommended routine maintenance" programme.

Efco - Our Power, Your Passion

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