Eliet Maestro Country Petrol Garden Shredder
Eliet Maestro Country Petrol Garden Shredder Eliet Maestro Country Petrol Garden Shredder Eliet Maestro Country Petrol Garden Shredder Eliet Maestro Country Petrol Garden Shredder
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This Briggs & Stratton 6.5hp powered garden shredder from Eliet is amazingly easy and pleasant to operate.

The ergonomics of the Eliet Meastro Country will knock you out! This machine harmoniously combines a wide feed-in opening for the fast processing of various types of waste, with compactness and user-friendliness. Even crooked branches with twigs are not a problem. Equipped with Eliet's innovative Chopping Principle™, the Maestro Country has an impressive chopping speed of 36,000 cuts per minute and can cope with branches of up to 45mm thick. Material is processed at a rate of 14 wheelbarrows-full an hour.

Product specification

Brand: Eliet
Engine: Briggs & Stratton
Engine Model: XR 950
Horsepower: 6.5hp
Start Method: Recoil
Transmission: Direct
Cutting System: Eliet Chopping Principle™
Feed Height: 1200mm / 47"
Blades: 12 reversible Eliet Resist™
Branch Diameter Max: 45mm
Chopping Speed: 36000 cuts/min
Bag Capacity: 80L
Output: 14 full wheelbarrows/hour
Wheel Size: 250 x 75mm / 10" x 3"
Assembled Dimensions: L: 1360mm x W: 650mm x H: 1400mm
L: 54" x W: 26" x H: 55"
Storage Dimensions: L: 740mm x W: 650mm x H: 1050mm
L: 29" x W: 26" x H: 41"
Weight: 63kg
Sound and Noise Data: 112dB(A)
Warranty: 2 year manufacturer's

Robust Frame

Chipping wood is no menial task with a lot of power being unleashed inside the machine. A chipper only has a long operating life when no compromises are made in terms of quality and durability of the materials used. All Eliet chippers (large and small) are manufactured to the highest degree of craftsmanship. The Maestro City is just one example. The steel shredding chamber is firmly welded to the tubular frame. The feed hopper of the Eliet Maestro City is also manufactured from steel.

Collection Bag

The fine chippings that the Maestro City expels form the basis of what will later become nutritional compost. These chippings are immediately collected in a large debris bag so that not a single shred is lost. The contents of one full 60 litre collection bag is more than enough to fill one wheelbarrow. The chippings do not always have to be deposited on the compost heap - they can also be applied as a fertile mulch later underneath plants and shrubs in your garden borders.

Sight Glass

The sight glass on the top plate of the chassis allows you to easily see when the bag is full.

Low Noise

In the interests of the environment, Eliet always tries to obtain harmony between the machine and its surroundings. The shredding chamber has a double wall in order to reduce noise polution from the chipper. The frame wall sound damping material dampens the drumming effet of the chippings on the wall. This action reduces the noise level considerably.

Standard Calibration Sieve

Thanks to its special shredding system, the Eliet Maestro can deal with not only thick branches but also fine pruning waste including that from hedges and shrubs with no problem. Also leafy-rich green waste from flower borders or vegetable gardens can be mixed in together. Even autumn leaves that have been collected up can be put through the shredder.

Compact Storage

In order to transport the Maestro easily in the boot-trunk of a vehicle, the feed-in chute can be completely. This is done simply with the turn of a hand, no tools are required. This feature is also especially handy for storing the machine in the garage or shed when the work is finished.

Eliet Chopping Principle™: Let the Wood do the Work

Eliet's chipper technology exploits the weakness of wood by cutting with the grain. The blades of Eliet shredders cut into the garden waste like miniature hatchets. As a result, the wood is cut with the grain. A passel of blades repeat this cycle a thousand times a minute, a process which results in uniform chips that are perfect as a mulch layer on your compost heap.

Biotech™ Chips

The Chopping Principle™ squashes and unravels the chips intensely. As a result, the grain structure of these Eliet Biotech™ chips is well suited to decomposition. Once chipping is complete, you will have a good, airy mixture with just the right amount of moisture content. That's why Biotech™ chips improve your composting system.

Eliet Shredders: Better Chips for Better Compost

Expert trimming keeps the plants, shrubs and trees in your garden healthy and strong. The garden waste it produces is also a valuable source of energy for new life in your garden. The decomposition cycle is highly dependent on the way garden waste is cut.

Eliet has a line up of powerful shredders that produce chips with added value for the cycle of nature.

As inventor of the mobile shredder, Eliet developed machines that can be used everywhere they need to go and can be driven into the most narrow workplace. The genius of this concept lies in its simplicity: “Take the machine to the wood, not the wood to the machine”.

ELIET supports the ideas of Jean Pain, a French pioneer in composting who gave his name to the Jean Pain Committee, a professional organization of expert composters. He discovered that the humus of fine wood chips made the dry ground of the Provence fertile. This makes him the ground-breaker in compost based organic gardening. You can now use ELIET shredders to introduce this principle in your own garden.

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All Eliet machines are built in the heart of Europe. As a Belgian manufacturer Eliet's home market is limited, so the company is focused on export.

Ever since it was established, Eliet has specialised in a number of niche markets. More than 20 years down the line, Eliet continues to produce machines in the three most important areas of application:

- Garden waste treatment
- Lawn maintenance and lawn creation
- Waste clearance


Eliet develops and patents its own technologies due to the active application of the built up know-how with which Eliet machines stand out from the rest and have managed to grow to become a standard in the world of garden professionals.

The horizontal corporate structure of this family enterprise, moreover, is the gateway to major flexibility when it comes to meeting the ever-greater demands of the market. Proof of the pudding is the freedom and dynamism of the research department, which frequently designs innovative machines and technologies. Eliet is a fully integrated company, which manages its own R&D, production, assembly and logistics. That structure delivers an array of significant advantages for the end user in particular.

The close alliance between R&D, production and sales ensures that machines are continuously fine-tuned to meet the needs of the moment and to offer new functions. For Eliet the quality of its machines is paramount. That is guaranteed by permanent quality control of each step in the production process.

Eliet products are always manufactured with precision thanks to advanced production technologies and automation. The high quality of finished Eliet machines is a direct consequence of the know-how and experience of Eliet's committed workforce. Every part selected by Eliet, moreover, has to meet the company's own strict quality requirements. The choice of a flexible assembly line where each technician is involved in each and every step in the production of a machine reduces the chance of manufacturing errors. This ensures that it is not just the end customer who is satisfied with the machine.

Eliet - In Harmony With Nature

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