Eliet Major 4S Petrol Shredder
Eliet Major 4S Petrol Shredder Eliet Major 4S Petrol Shredder Eliet Major 4S Petrol Shredder
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The Eliet Major 4S petrol shredder is suitable for the demanding private garden lover and the professional user alike. The robust all-welded frame is manufactured from high quality steel plate. Its compact and light design allows it to access the wood even when having to go through the narrowest of garden gates. The wide feed hopper (35cm) offers great comfort when introducing branches with twigs attached measuring up to 55mm in diameter. The integral guide funnel is useful for feeding several branches into the machine at the same time. The chipper shredder greedily swallows large volumes of various waste types, processing at a rate of 2.4m³ chips per hour. The powerful 9hp Honda engine delivers an incredible 40,000 chops per minute.

The Eliet Major 4S is equipped with large easy-roll wheels which allow smooth manouevrability to every corner of your garden, where you can safely process larger branches and rougher garden waste. A safety screen keeps children and small pets away from the danger area. A steel safety shield and a heavy-duty debris flap protect you from material kickback.

Larger gardens mean that now and then a thicker branch will get caught up in the garden waste. If this proves too much for the Eliet Major 4S, the belt drive will absorb any force introduced by this sudden blockage, not the crankshaft, which in turn will also extend motor life. The gearing ratio of the belt drive also increases engine torque effectively.

Product specification

Brand: Eliet
Engine: Honda
Engine Model: GX 270
Horsepower: 9hp
Start Method: Recoil
Transmission: V-belt Gates Guard Power XPA 1600
Cutting System: Eliet Chopping Principle™
Feed Height: 900mm
Chipping Knives: 20 HS-steel knives (reversible)
Branch Diameter Max: 55mm / 2.2"
Chopping Speed: 40,000 cuts/min
Hopper: 350x300mm / 14x12" opening
Output: 2.4m³ chips/hour
Hour Meter: Optional
Wheel Size: 400 / 8 pneumatic
Assembled Dimensions: L: 1290 x W: 630 x H: 1280mm
Weight: 120kg
Sound and Noise Data: 111dB(A)
Warranty: 2 year manufacturer's guarantee

Robust Frame

An all-welded frame manufactured from high quality steel plate provides the quality required of this professional shredder to match its purpose.


Wide Intake

The Eliet Major has a much wider feed-in opening than its smaller brother, the Minor. The integral guide funnel is useful for feeding several branches into the machine at once.


Razor-Sharp Blades

Twenty razor-sharp blades chip all types of garden waste. The fact that the blades are reversible means that they will last twice as long. The patented Eliet Chopping Principle™ ensures that the blades cut the wood in the fibre direction, which requires a lot less power than traditional chipping systems. The blades also attain the utmost wide action field to guarantee that everything is chipped without fail before it leaves the crushing chamber.


Belt Drive

All the components of this professional machine are designed to provide a long operating life. The engine power is transmitted via a belt transmission. As a result, when encountering obstacles, the impact of a sudden impact is absorbed by the belt and not by the crankshaft of the engine.This feature prevents fatigue on the crankshaft which, in turn, extends the operating life of the engine.


Large Wheels

You cant miss the large wheels on the Eliet Major which provide smooth and easy manoeuvrability. During operation the pneumatic tyres ensure that the vibrations are optimally absorbed so the machine is more stable.

Eliet 4 season shredder

Introducing the Eliet 4S 'Four Seasons' Shredder

No more sorting your garden waste
As every gardener knows, gardening produces a variety of green waste such as hedge cuttings, blossoms and leaves and other humid garden waste. With an Eliet shredder you can process all kinds of green waste in one go, not just the branches and twigs. That means you never have to sort the waste beforehand. Eliet's patented technology offers a spacious multi-bladed shredder chamber that eagerly pulls in even the most irregular types of green waste through a single, wide central feed hopper.

Leaves and humid green waste are no longer a problem
Especially in spring and autumn there is plenty of green waste to deal with. The abundance of wet material can risk clogging up your shredder. In response to this, the latest Eliet 4S shredders are equipped with a Turbo Discharge™ system: a suction turbine creating a kind of vacuum effect that sucks the green waste into the shredder and then blows the shreds out through a rotating blow chute. The permanent air flow of the turbo generator constantly cleans the system so that clogging is virtually impossible.

Eliet Chopping Principle™: Let the Wood Do the Work

Eliet's chipper technology exploits the weakness of wood by cutting with the grain. The blades of Eliet shredders cut into the garden waste like miniature hatchets. As a result, the wood is cut with the grain. A passel of blades repeat this cycle a thousand times a minute, a process which results in uniform chips that are perfect as a mulch layer on your compost heap. 

Biotech™ Chips

The Chopping Principle™ squashes and unravels the chips intensely. As a result, the grain structure of these Eliet Biotech™ chips is well suited to decomposition. Once chipping is complete, you will have a good, airy mixture with just the right amount of moisture content. That's why Biotech™ chips improve your composting system.

With Love For Nature

Expert trimming keeps the plants, shrubs and trees in your garden healthy and strong. Eliet has a line up of powerful shredders that produce chips with added value for the cycle of nature.

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All Eliet machines are built in the heart of Europe. As a Belgian manufacturer Eliet's home market is limited, so the company is focused on export.

Ever since it was established, Eliet has specialised in a number of niche markets. More than 20 years down the line, Eliet continues to produce machines in the three most important areas of application:

- Garden waste treatment
- Lawn maintenance and lawn creation
- Waste clearance


Eliet develops and patents its own technologies due to the active application of the built up know-how with which Eliet machines stand out from the rest and have managed to grow to become a standard in the world of garden professionals.

The horizontal corporate structure of this family enterprise, moreover, is the gateway to major flexibility when it comes to meeting the ever-greater demands of the market. Proof of the pudding is the freedom and dynamism of the research department, which frequently designs innovative machines and technologies. Eliet is a fully integrated company, which manages its own R&D, production, assembly and logistics. That structure delivers an array of significant advantages for the end user in particular.

The close alliance between R&D, production and sales ensures that machines are continuously fine-tuned to meet the needs of the moment and to offer new functions. For Eliet the quality of its machines is paramount. That is guaranteed by permanent quality control of each step in the production process.

Eliet products are always manufactured with precision thanks to advanced production technologies and automation. The high quality of finished Eliet machines is a direct consequence of the know-how and experience of Eliet's committed workforce. Every part selected by Eliet, moreover, has to meet the company's own strict quality requirements. The choice of a flexible assembly line where each technician is involved in each and every step in the production of a machine reduces the chance of manufacturing errors. This ensures that it is not just the end customer who is satisfied with the machine.

Eliet - In Harmony With Nature

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