Forest Master DUO10T 10 Ton DuocuT Hydraulic Log Splitter
Forest Master DUO10T 10 Ton DuocuT Hydraulic Log Splitter Forest Master DUO10T 10 Ton DuocuT Hydraulic Log Splitter Forest Master DUO10T 10 Ton DuocuT Hydraulic Log Splitter Forest Master DUO10T 10 Ton DuocuT Hydraulic Log Splitter Forest Master DUO10T 10 Ton DuocuT Hydraulic Log Splitter Forest Master DUO10T 10 Ton DuocuT Hydraulic Log Splitter Forest Master DUO10T 10 Ton DuocuT Hydraulic Log Splitter
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Newly designed, the innovative Forest Master DuocuT 10 ton manual hydraulic log splitter uses opposing blades to split the log from opposite ends.  This makes the splitting more efficient and also ensures that, if a knot is encountered by one blade, the other will continue to split.  One blade can be positioned for different log lengths and the other is driven by a hydraulic dual action jack. For a rapid lift of 20mm per stroke use both pedals together; the right pedal provides the full 10 ton of force.

The log guide rals bol on so ey can be replaced if necessary.

The DuocuT can be used either vertically or horizontally.  Hand levers are included for horizontal use. 

Product specification

Brand: Forest Master
Log Splitter Type: Manual, vertical and horizontal
Splitting Force: 10 ton
Duocut Capacity: Yes
Log Length Capacity: 45cm
Maximum Log Diameter: 30cm
Dimensions: 875mm H x 300mm W x 500mm L
Shipping Dimensions: L: 104cm x W: 25cm x H: 25cm, 40kg
Weight: 37.5kg
Warranty: 1 year
   Efficient dual cut operation
Works both vertically and horizontally


Forest Master is a UK-based supplier of a range of low cost, high quality log splitters and log holders. Whether you are looking for a manual log splitter, electric log splitter or trailer-mounted log splitter suitable for home, estate or forestry use, Forest Master has the model to meet your needs.

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4.6 Star Rating
May 23 2019
Alex Wainwright
Fantastic piece of kit at a good price, if you just want a basic log splitter, then this is a very good contender
May 03 2019
robert lloyd
Easy to assemble and use,makes log splitting safe and easy.
Mar 31 2019
This is a pretty good tool. Simple and efficient with cutting head top & bottom. But as other reviewers have stated, it’s tedious bending down to open & close the valve after every cut. Maybe needs a couple of extra holes to split thinner logs. You do need the 10Ton capacity for hard wood so I am pleased that I avoided the 4 & 5 Ton electric versions.
Mar 12 2019
Alan Rore
I haven't had a chance to fully evaluate this tool, but I was really pleased with Green Reaper's delivery speed
Mar 07 2019
A great bit of kit! Simple technology, really well constructed, and does the job very easily, even on 25cm diameter beech wood trunk slices. So much easier than using a steel wedge and a lump hammer or maul. A good buy!
Feb 18 2019
Bought this to replace a worn out Forest Master 7-ton Duocut electric log splitter that had served well but it had always seemed wrong to be using fuel (electricity) to make fuel (logs). This new manual splitter was ordered and delivered quickly by The Green Reaper, was straightforward to assemble and can be moved to where the logs are without worrying about an extension lead and/or damp ground. Found it easier to use lying down (the splitter, not me) and moving the lever pumps gives a bit of physical exercise and no gym fees. I was so pleased with it that I ordered a second one so that my wife and son could keep each other company whilst amassing a store of logs. Another family bonding opportunity!
Jan 14 2019
Mª Jesus Kirkpatrick
I’m a woman 65 years old and never thought it could be so easy and useful
Jan 14 2019
Mark Lowen
After several years splitting wood with an axe and circular saw I decided to invest in a hydraulic log splitter. I haven't looked back. This thing splits even the most stubborn logs with ease. I've split logs up to 18 inches tall and 18 inches wide. I did have to make a small modification to the pedals. They would constantly spin round which became annoying so I drilled some indentations in the tubes for the allen screws to locate into and this has sorted it. I actually quite look forward to an evening spent log splitting now. Even the wife can do it.
Jan 01 2019
Very prompt delivery and easy to assemble those (few) parts. Was amazed at the easy of use, cutting and operation all round.
Aug 31 2018
Excellent communications and delivery arrangements. One small grouse about the log splitter. The arms bearing the two pedals wobble from side to side so that the pedals also move about laterally when in use and tend to overlap more than they should. I've tried tightening the arm bolts (already assembled on delivery) but don't want to overdo it. There should be a simple solution, perhaps a spring washer! Irritating.