Forest Master FM16D 8 Ton Duocut Electric Log Splitter
Forest Master FM16D 8 Ton Duocut Electric Log Splitter Forest Master FM16D 8 Ton Duocut Electric Log Splitter Forest Master FM16D 8 Ton Duocut Electric Log Splitter
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The Forest Master FM16D is a heavy duty eight ton electric hydraulic log splitter with duocut technology capable of splitting logs up to 44cm in length and 60cm in diameter. The duocut blade enables the logs to be split from both ends and effectively splits like a 16 ton machine.

This duocut blade is a community registered design and makes this log splitter twice as effective as similarly rated electric log splitters and ensures that, by splitting from both ends, if a knot is encountered at one end, it will still split from the other.

Featuring two speeds, the fast option takes only five seconds to complete the forward stroke and the second speed option helps to split the larger sizes of logs. The ram stop allows the user to shorten the return distance the ram needs to travel when splitting shorter logs, saving time and cost. The large 40mm ram gives the log splitter the capability of splitting 99 per cent of all woods, green or seasoned. The simultaneous button and lever operation prevent the log splitter from being operated one handed, making it compliant with the latest safety regulation.

Reinforcing the quality of this product and for added piece of mind, the Forest Master FM16 wood splitter is backed by a three year parts warranty.

NB: Stand shown in video not included. Weather protected to IP54.

Product specification

Brand: Forest Master
Log Splitter Type: Horizontal
Motor: Electric
Power: 2.3kW
Rated Voltage: 220-240V / 50Hz
Splitting Force: 8 tonnes (preset to 7 tonnes in the factory, which can be increased to 8 via the pressure regulating screw)
Duocut Capacity: 16 tonnes
Log Length Capacity: 44cm
Maximum Log Diameter: 60cm
Ram: 40mm
Stand: Not included
Dimensions: L: 1090mm x W: 310mm x H: 520mm (approx)
Weight: 81kg
Warranty: 3 years
  • Fast two speed splitter
  • Full forward stroke takes just five seconds
  • Splits logs with a diameter up to 440mm long with a diameter of up to 600mm
  • Fitted with a large 40mm ram
  • Supplied with a three year manufacturer's warranty
  • CE approved


Forest Master is a UK-based supplier of a range of low cost, high quality log splitters and log holders. Whether you are looking for a manual log splitter, electric log splitter or trailer-mounted log splitter suitable for home, estate or forestry use, Forest Master has the model to meet your needs.

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5 Star Rating
Mar 08 2019
Feb 08 2019
Seems to be well built and has a 3yr guarantee. Only time will tell how durable it is. The one negative I have found is the plastic air bleed screw could be damaged/broken by falling logs due to its location.
Mar 24 2018
Great splits like a dream from both ends and very handy with the limit stop to save ram going all the way back on smaller logs,very happy with it so far
Oct 27 2017
John Campbell
Great bit of kit,have altered to overcome two handed operation,have put catchers down both sides,makes life easier and quicker if logs dont end up on the ground.Mounted on wheels with tow bar so no hastle moving.Have put it to a relly hard test with difficult logs,did very well,just have to see how long it lasts from my abuse.JC
Jun 09 2016
I did a lot of research before buying this wood splitter, and have to confess I was somewhat incredulous at the reviews I had read, reporting the excellence of this product. Having committed to buying one and having now used it, I can certainly add my testimony that it is as good as it claims! I have given it a thorough workout and can tell anyone interested that it has consistently split horribly gnarly logs that, from experience, I know would have taken a good 10 to 15 minutes to split with my “wood grenade” (previously the most effective wood splitting tool i have found) and 8lb sledgehammer, smashing with all my might, cursing and sweating profusely! It has only been beaten by one impenetrable stump which i would not even have attempted to split manually! Is it perfect; no. I have a few small criticisms of the otherwise wonderful tool: 1. The “ram stop” (used to shorten the return on the travelling blade in order to shorten distance of travel and therefore optimise splitting time) is not fit for purpose. It tightens onto the guide arm / bar with a single flat ended screw. Vibration from the machine loosen the screw so that after 3-4 passes the ram stop has worked loose and is no longer in the correct place. It really needs a better “clamping mechanism” in order to work as intended. 2. If you need to move the splitter by pulling it across a surface, the wheels are really too small / hard in order to make this effective over anything but a very smooth surface / firm ground e.g. concrete. The wheels would need to be improved in order to be useful over rougher ground. 3. The splitter is advertised as being 8 ton. This is confusing and not actually correct if you want to operate it so that it is covered within the terms of the warranty. The splitter comes factory set with a max operating force of 7 tons, with the adjustment knob secured at this setting. Although the operating force can be increased past this setting by removing the “lock” this invalidates the product warranty (clearly stated in the operating manual). It is therefore really a 7 ton splitter. However, to round off, a truly excellent product which has so far surpassed my expectations, which were very high to start with!
May 25 2016
Really pleased with the excellent service. The Forest master 8 ton log splitter is awesome nothing has phased it even large heavily knotted logs are just ripped apart
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