Garden Pride GP40TDT 40" Towed Spring Tine Dethatcher
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The tow-behind Garden Pride 40" dethatcher will gently comb away dead grass, roots and other lawn debris to allow water, air and nutrients to penetrate to the root system.

Twenty triple coil strength spring steel tines ensure maximum efficiency, durability and thatch removal. The two rows of tines flex independently to bring the thatch to the lawn surface where it can be mulched or collected.

The steel tine tray design offers maximum durability and can hold additional weight when necessary. Also, conveniently accessible from the driver's seat is the wheel engagement lever which activates the transport wheels for traversing paths and paved areas.

More than about an inch of thatch can literally suffocate your lawn - attached to the back of your lawn tractor, the Garden Pride GP40TDT spring tine dethatcher will let it breathe again.

Product specification

Brand: Garden Pride
Working Width: 101cm / 40"
Tines: 20 spring
Wheels: Transport
Tow Hitch: Drop pin
Warranty: 2 year domestic warranty
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5 Star Rating
Apr 28 2018
John McGoldrick
Does as is stated on the box. very good
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