Agri-Fab 45-0519 15 Cubic Foot / 360kg Towed Poly Cart
Agri-Fab 45-0519 15 Cubic Foot / 360kg Towed Poly Cart Agri-Fab 45-0519 15 Cubic Foot / 360kg Towed Poly Cart
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By choosing an Agri-Fab cart, there's no need to carry a big load by yourself, or go back and forth to get your bags of fertiliser, mulch or any load from one place to another. This Agri-Fab poly cart can do this for you - most of the time in one trip!

The Agri-Fab 45-0519 tow-behind cart has an ultra-tough polyethylene structural-foam tub which holds up to 360kg, stands up to corrosive materials like manure, salt and sand and has a high impact resistance.

The trailer's bed tilts to an angle of 40 degrees to allow easy one-step dumping via the foot-activated dump lever.

The heavy duty 1" axle and durable steel frame combine to make this a robust trailer with a hitchpin and hole towing mechanism suitable for use with all makes of lawn tractor. The large diameter pneumatic tyres with knobby tread and grease nipples help smooth running on rough, uneven ground.

Product specification

Brand: Agri-Fab
Capacity: 360kg / 800lbs / 15cu.ft
Construction: Poly
Bed Size: L: 56" x W: 38" x H: 14"
Tipping: Yes
Dump Angle: 40º
Axle: 1" diameter
Tyres: Knobby tread
Wheel Size: 16" x 6.5"
Shipping Dimensions: L: 72" x W: 40" x H: 18"
Weight: 48kg
Warranty: 5 years


Pneumatic tyres allow easy manoeuvrabilitEy and smooth transport across rough terrain


Easy Dumping

Foot lever lets you unload in one easy step 



Easily and quickly attaches to all lawn tractors


Made to Last

By choosing Agri-Fab, you can be sure it's the best you can buy


Agri-Fab products are covered by a five year limited manufacturer's warranty for total peace of mind


For three decades American-based Agri-Fab has been manufacturing quality products for the lawn and garden, as well as fabricating products for various industries.

The success of the manufacturing business launched in 1975 exceeded the founders' wildest expectations. The story began with the idea of developing a new and improved lawn sweeper. Soon, Agri-Fab went on to redesign and manufacture a product that outperformed any lawn sweeper on the market. The result attracted the attention of a major retailer and catapulted Agri-Fab into the position of an industry leader of lawn and garden attachments. Through the period of the early 1990s the business had doubled in size from what it was in the 1980s and doubled in size again in 1999.

Fulfilling its mission to provide employment for the people of Sullivan, Illinois, and the surrounding area, Agri-Fab has expanded to include many innovative and feature-rich attachments for the lawn and garden industry, as well as the UTV/ATV market.

Agri-Fab attachments are designed for homeowners who want beautiful lawns yet want the job of lawn care to be quick and easy. In order to achieve this objective, Agri-Fab asks you, its customers, how it can improve on its current lawn care products. As a result of this exploratory analysis, Agri-Fab constantly discovers new ways to meet your present and future needs.

In addition, Agri-Fab is continually looking to make its products less seasonal so you can get greater value for the attachment you buy. For example, the sweeper has long been viewed as a product for cleaning up leaves in the autumn. Agri-Fab has broadened this emphasis, making the sweeper ideal for spring clean up as well as the removal of summer grass clippings.

Above all of this, is Agri-Fab's dedication to building quality and durability into the products it manufacturers. The company is confident that its products are made with the very best components to ensure lasting performance. As proof of this commitment, all Agri-Fab lawn care products carry a three year warranty.

From lawn sweepers and spreaders to aerators and trailers and everything in between, there's an Agri-Fab product suitable for the task that will provide you with years of service, as well as make your lawn beautiful and its care easy.

Agri-Fab - Lawn Care Made Easy

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4.8 Star Rating
Apr 28 2018
Great product. Arrived super fast. Easy to put together. Will last forever. Would be nice if there was the option to put a hitch on instead of removing the pin each time. Other than that- great
Sep 11 2017
This is a high quality sturdy trailer that has been used extensively around the garden moving logs, wood chippings, hedge cuttings and top soil. It has a very high capacity around the size of four wheel barrows and tows well behind the lawn tractor. It was straight forward to assemble but did require two people for the fitting of the hopper onto the chassis due to its large size. One fairly major design flaw with this trailer involves the tipping. Due to the size and shape of the hopper when you tip the trailer the back of the hopper sits flat onto the ground meaning that the contents do not slide out on their own and you have to pull, scrape or shovel most of the contents from inside. If you are planning to use this for moving soil, gravel, logs or chippings on a regular basis then I would not recommend this trailer due to this issue. It is less of a problem with hedge trimmings and its large capacity means it can transport an impressive amount each trip but you still have to pull the contents out by hand when unloading.
Apr 26 2017
Brian Grainger
Really Good trailer,very pleased with it. The delivery driver was a right moaner because he had no lift on his wagon and had to unpack the package on his Lorry.
Apr 22 2017
Anthony Jones
This trailer is very good indeed. The capacity is just right for a large garden. The wheels are wide and don't sink in and it runs really smoothly I would recommend this 100%
Oct 07 2016
Vincent Whiley
Good build quality Easy to assemble Strong construction