GreenWorks Pro 60 Volt 216Wh 4.0Ah Battery
GreenWorks Pro 60 Volt 216Wh 4.0Ah Battery GreenWorks Pro 60 Volt 216Wh 4.0Ah Battery GreenWorks Pro 60 Volt 216Wh 4.0Ah Battery GreenWorks Pro 60 Volt 216Wh 4.0Ah Battery
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High performance 60 volt GreenWorks batteries deliver long run times with fade-free full power from start to finish.

The 4Ah battery recharges in 120 minutes, with LEDs on the charger showing when the battery is fully charged. Four LEDs on the battery indicate the remaining run time.

The battery can be recharged at any stage with non 'negative memory' effect.

Greenworks batteries hold charge exceptionally well so can be ready to work even after months of storage.

Need more power and better performance? Greenworks’ 60V family of tools use powerful lithium-ion batteries and provide optimum battery powered solutions for all your needs, enabling superior comfort and better results. Greenworks' batteries are designed to offer maximum simplicity, convenience and versatility. This with a range of options, enabling you to feel empowered by the smart and easy-to use solutions making gardening more enjoyable. Quick to recharge and even quicker to switch. Get the job done better, faster and easier with Greenworks. 

Product specification

Brand: GreenWorks
Battery: Lithium-ion
Battery Voltage: 60V
Battery Capacity: 4Ah / 216Wh
Battery Charge Time: 0-100% 120 mins
Weight: 1.92kg
Warranty: 2 years for domestic use


GreenWorks Tools electric and cordless products allow you to care for your garden without raising up a cloud of emissions which are harmful to you and the environment.

Stop wearing out your arm on a pull cord. Stop filling fuel cans. The GreenWorks Tools lithium system of tools requires none of that - plus its charging systems have received the Environmental Protection Agency's ENERGY STAR® approval rating.

ENERGY STAR-approved battery chargers, which are held to tight efficiency guidelines determined by the Environmental Protection Agency and Department of Energy, reduce energy usage by an average of 35 per cent from conventional garden tools.Petrol-powered lawn mowers launch as much pollution into the air in one hour as a vehicle does while driving 100 miles, the EPA reports. With more than 30 million lawn mowers in the USA alone, it takes a lot of pollution to trim the nation's properties.

All GreenWorks Tools products have a zero carbon footprint. No emissions, ever. The entire GreenWorks Tools product line will never release an ounce of carbon emission into the air. Plus, this efficiency requires no sacrifice from you. GreenWorks Tools will provide all the power you need without polluting the air or forcing you to keep hauling your petrol can to the nearest station (especially in the middle of mowing). No more tune-ups or maintenance. No more emissions.


GreenWorks Tools machines and battery chargers are protected against all defects under normal domestic use for a period of three years. Batteries are covered by a two year warranty for domestic use.

GreenWorks - Life Gets Easier

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