Hedge Trimmers

A gardener’s job is never over - particularly in the summer months, when growth spurts mean that hedges seem to grow back faster than you can cut them. Here at The Green Reaper, we’re well aware of the effort that’s required to keep your topiary in shape, which is why we’ve gone out of our way to source an industry-leading range of hedge trimmers from manufacturers like Cobra and Mitox.

Our selection of petrol-powered hedge trimmers have the power to deal with most hedge types, and are designed to ensure that you never have to worry about ungainly growth or stray leaves again. From single to double-sided blades, you’re sure to find something in this range that’ll suit you - no matter the size or shape of the hedge.

Alternatively, our electric hedge trimmers are relatively inexpensive, lightweight and convenient. The eco-enthusiast’s dream; these machines are ideal for quietly clipping through garden hedging without unduly aggravating the neighbours.

Small topiary requires particular attention to detail. A cordless hand trimmer is the perfect finishing tool to provide a bit of extra polish to your creatively manicured handiwork.

Need a bit of extra reach? We also sell a range of long-reach hedge trimmers to raise your trimming game. Telescopic shafts, fixed poles and articulating heads will give you access to every aspect of your hedge, with your feet safely on the ground.

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A popular option for more demanding tasks, our robust petrol hedge trimmers possess powerful 2-stroke engines; perfect for sawing through thick vegetation.

Petrol Hedge Trimmers


Electric hedge trimmers might lack the punch of their petrol cousins, but they can still quietly and efficiently cope with all species of hedging.

Electric Hedge Trimmers


We offer a spectacular selection of cordless hedge trimmers, perfect for gardeners who want to cut it at the flick of a switch using lithium-ion battery technology.

Cordless Hedge Trimmers


Scale new heights with long reach or pole hedge cutters, designed to ensure that you can shape up the tallest hedges with no need for a step ladder.

Long Reach / Pole Hedge Trimmers


These handy cordless grass and shrub shears allow you to shape and style topiary to create an immaculate finish.

Hand Trimmers


The Green Reaper’s hedge trimmer and hand trimmer accessories will help you to get the most out of your machine - no matter the brand.

Hedge Trimmer & Hand Trimmer Accessories

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